As the real estate market continues to evolve so will the spaces available for existing companies, startups, work-from-home professionals, and entrepreneurs to house themselves. The paradigm is shifting, and large companies are seeking additional space to host visitors or out-of-town executives instead of expanding their leased space. Meanwhile work-from-home professionals are ditching their home office and moving towards having their own dedicated office space in an affordable and professional environment; similar to full-time working professionals, who work on after-hours side projects trying to make the next million dollar company.

Many corporations are turning to shared office spaces or coworking spaces. There are many makes and models of these facilities but few have a comfortable balance of shared office and coworking. Typically in this industry it is either coworking or shared office.

These balanced spaces are not just professional and affordable spaces to work at, but more important is what they offer to the people who work out of them. According to global research by Deskmag and Deskwanted, since working in coworking space:

• 74% of people have been more productive,

• 86% have a larger business network,

• 93% have a bigger social network,

• Over 2/3 feel more creative and collaborate more on projects and

• More importantly several people have seen their income increase.

Work Hub Princeton located at 3490 US 1 is precisely coming into existence for the above reasons. It will cater to the companies looking for additional space without a long term lease but will also invite a startup or sole entrepreneur to come in and boot strap their company in a collaborative environment, where they can bounce ideas off of each other and provide private offices and conference rooms when a more intimate atmosphere is required.

Work Hub Princeton will host events with industry experts from many verticals to come and speak about their experience growing their projects and companies.

Work Hub will provide a comfortable spacious environment with clear professional intention and ample break out areas for breaks and brainstorming.

Work Hub is opening in fall, 2019. Schedule a hard hat and coffee tour (next month) at

Check the website to learn about pre-opening membership and our early pricing options.

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