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Author: Melinda Sherwood. Publication: U.S. 1 Newspaper, January

5, 2000. All rights reserved.

Internet’s Havoc: John Graham

Add to the growing number of E-Commerce manifestos

John Graham’s "Eleven Ways the Internet is Playing Havoc

with Every Business." This is his thesis on how the Internet is

dissolving the rules of businesses.

In addition to running a marketing consulting firm, Graham


(617-328-0069,, Graham is also the author

of "The New Marketing Magnet (Chandler House Press) and "203

Ways to be Supremely Successful in the New World of Selling,"



On Tuesday, January 11, he joins Michael Ayars, founder of


Data Systems, for a seminar sponsored by Essex Management Services

at 8:30 a.m. at the Caft Building on Rutgers campus in New Brunswick.

Cost: $135. Call 973-994-2331. The implications of the Internet, as

described by Graham:

Lower prices for the consumer.

Lower costs to the business, which can eliminate the


Extended reach. Don’t be surprised if your next customer

comes from China, or the far reaches of the planet.

Customer control. "Salespeople were happiest when

they held the reins," says Graham. Since customers can do research

on a product on the Web quickly, the role of the salesperson has


says Graham, from "persuader" to "facilitator,"


who helps identify what customers want.

Broader choices. No walls, no shelves, no limits.

"Guerrilla" shoppers, invisible customers, who

don’t materialize until they have bought something. This forces the

company to find new ways to discover, market, and hook the consumer.

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