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Intercardia/Incara Influx

The company founded by Princeton University’s Daniel

Kahne is $1 million richer as of Monday, August 9. Founded as Transcell

Technologies, more recently known as Intercardia Research Laboratories,

the company had been going through some hard times, dropping from

35 employees to half that number at Cedar Brook Corporate Center.

But on Monday it received a milestone payment of $1.5 million from

Merck, with $500,000 going to the university, and $1 million to the

company. The payment is for research on an antibiotic of last resort

— a look alike to the powerful vancomycin, perhaps able to combat

increasingly resistant staphylococci or "superbugs." In various

models Merck was able to synthesize the firm’s specified compounds

of new antibiotics and to prove that they don’t damage the host.

"Determining how micro-organisms develop resistance and how to

combat that resistance remains an important scientific challenge,"

says Kahne, the scientific founder. "It’s exciting to be part

of a collaboration that translates basic research into a program that

has the potential to address a significant clinical problem."

The company that bought Transcell Technologies was founded as Intercardia

by a North Carolina-based firm named Interneuron. Though Interneuron

maintains a majority ownership in Intercardia, it restructured last

month. Since four of Intercardia’s five programs were not connected

with cardiovascular disease, it changed Intercardia’s name to Incara.

It also took majority ownership of the heart-related drug, Bextra.

Just three weeks later, Bextra clinical trials were halted, due to

"disappointing" results. Bextra, it seems, did not produce

a "statistically significant benefit for the patient population

as a whole."

The other four programs, including the one in Princeton, are still

viable. Earlier this year the Princeton lab had quit working on random

combinatorial libraries in favor of more targeted research. Robert

Goldman (senior director of biology) and David Gange (senior director

of chemistry) are working on three other anti-infective programs.

The company still has 33,000 square feet but is evaluating its sublease


Incara Inc., 8 Cedar Brook Drive, Cedar Brook Corporate

Center, Cranbury 08512. Barbara Schilberg, executive vice president.

609-655-6900; fax, 609-655-6930. Home page: http://www.incara.com.

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NJHA’s New Building

Rents in the Alexander Road corridor are rising so fast

that the New Jersey Hospital Association is pulling out of leased

space and building on its own 25-acre property.

V.J. Scozzari & Sons Inc. is building the 12,400 square-foot facility,

on the site of a residence that NJHA had owned. About 45 people who

work in the for-profit areas of the NJHA — the group purchasing

department, the insurance division, and a data analysis operation

— will move out of rented quarters at University Square. The new

building, east of the main campus, will be connected by a footpath.

"Since we own this property, we thought it would be more efficient

to have our own building," says Ron Czajkowski, vice president,

"and we had the money to do it."

The statewide hospital association was the first to develop property

on Alexander Road. It moved into the first building at 760 in 1974,

a decade before the Carnegie Center was built. The trade association

represents hospitals and other healthcare providers. As the Health

Research Educational Trust it provides research and continuing education

for hospitals, other healthcare providers and the public. It also

has a conference center.

"The primary reason for us building our own was escalating rental

prices," says Czajkowski. "We can build cheaper than we can


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Churchill & Harriman Inc., 244 Wall Street, Princeton

08540. Kenneth J. Peterson, president. 609-921-3551; fax, 609-921-1061.

This information management recruiting and consulting service has

expanded to an additional office at 266 Wall Street.

Delsys Pharmaceutical Corporation, 5 Vaughn Drive,

Suite 305, Princeton 08540. Martyn Greenacre, president and CEO. 609-720-0033;

fax, 609-520-6692.

The biotech company is moving out of its College Road laboratory,

a sublet from Cytogen, and into a 14,000-foot lab at 11 Deer Park

Drive, Suite 206, Princeton Corporate Plaza. The privately-held firm

develops automated drug manufacturing and delivery systems through

electrostatic dry powder.

FSM Group, 350 Applegarth Road, Cranbury 08512.

Holly A. Falco, 609-395-9033; fax, 609-395-9532.

The GPM Group, 2357 Route 33, Robbinsville 08691.

Michael Grainger, owner. 609-259-7101; fax, 609-259-3124.

Michael Grainger has bought a controlling interest in the FSM Group,

office furniture and relocation consultants. Grainger’s firm, the

GPM Group, was formerly known as Grainger Painting and Maintenance.

FSM will continue as a separate operation at its current location

and will be managed by Holly A. Falco. "Single-source accountability

for the facilities management function is where the new direction

is headed," says Falco.

Facility Service Management offers advisory services such as managing

furniture procurement and relocation master planning. Clients include

Benetton, American General Assurance Co., Princeton Credit Corporation,

Journal of Commerce, Rhodia, Colgate-Palmolive Company, and Bell Atlantic.

Opportunities for All, 3490 Route 1, Building 11,

Princeton 08543. Vernon Long, executive director. 609-452-9753; fax,


Opportunities for All, a for-profit agency that places both the disabled

and non-disabled in jobs, opened in 1,500 square feet two years ago

but has 8,500 feet now.

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New in Town

The Samson Group, 23 Jefferson Plaza, Princeton

08540. Samir Sheth, president. 732-355-0010. 0013

Samir Sheth moved his four-person software company to South Brunswick

from Piscataway. It does back-end software for E-commerce and finance

applications, particularly for brokerage houses. Sheth is a native

of Bombay and graduated from the College of Engineering at Pune in


Design Research LLC, 133 Franklin Corner Road,

Lawrenceville 08648. 609-896-1108; fax, 609-896-3016.

Rick Babick has opened a market research firm for the tabletop, giftwares,

and collectibles industry.

Plus: Progressive Living Unit Systems, 9-F Princess

Road, Princeton 08648. Chris Beaupre, president. 609-895-8855; fax,


Earlier this year the administrative office for an organization providing

group homes for patients with head trauma opened an office at Princess


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Leaving Town

Millennium Cell Co., 1 Industrial Way West, Eatontown

07724. Steven Amendola, vice president, research. 732-542-4000; fax,


The chemical R&D firm founded in 1998 has relocated its corporate

offices and laboratories labs from Cedar Brook Corporate Center in

Cranbury to Eatontown. The new facility more than doubles the previous


A subsidiary of GP Strategies (NYSE), Millennium Cell has developed

a safe generator for producing controlled amounts of hydrogen gas

from water-based solutions (U.S. 1, October 28, 1998). The hydrogen

gas, rapidly formed on-demand by the generator, can either be converted

through fuel cells to produce electricity and pure water, or burned

directly as a clean nonpolluting fuel in internal combustion engines.

Scientists are currently retrofitting a Ford Explorer to run solely

on hydrogen gas, says Mike Binder, senior scientist.

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Thomas P. Regan, 57, on July 26. He was general manager

for Dick Greenfield Dodge.

Stephen Jablonski, 61, on July 28. He was a sales associate

with Weichert Realtors.

Sallie Fell Griffin, 81, on July 29. She had been president

of the Friends of Princeton Public Library and a 37-year volunteer

for the Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic.

Cyril Anthony Kust, 68, on August 2. He had been lead

researcher at American Cyanamid.

Robert Conley, 41, on August 4. An engineer, he had worked

with CUH2A.

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