After reading Mary Oliver on Bears

you live within my being at all times

your paws curling my own hands

strong feet propelling my too-slender ones

our legs

go on forever

your heart

the larger

you know

absolutely everywhere

where you are going

such large eyes do not fit

within my small ones

there is scarcely room

for your fine head

— emperor’s on coin

ah, but our wondrous grin

that remains


Carolyn Foote Edelmann has been writing on nature in our region since The Blizzard of ‘78. In her blog, NJWILDBEAUTY, Carolyn seeks out the wild weekend after weekend. When bear warnings go out, she has been known to do the opposite. Edelmann’s work in community relations at D&R Greenway is wide-ranging. She is also curator of the land trust’s Olivia Rainbow Gallery. With fellow poet Betty Lies, Edelmann co-founded Princeton’s Cool Women Poets.

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