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These articles by David McDonough and others were

prepared for the January 3,

2001 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Incubating a Business

Like any infant, new small businesses need time to

grow and develop. Where better to mature than in a small business

incubator, like the ones sponsored by Rutgers, Mercer County College,

or Burlington County College in Mount Laurel? Frank Keith manages

the Burlington project.

"We assist start-up businesses with new product development and

manufacturing," explains Keith. "We provide support in


and technology plan development, and we provide physical space in

our 20,000 square foot building. We charge a dollar per square foot.

The idea is that as the businesses grow and become self-sufficient,

they move out, and others move in. Ideally we like to have our


graduate in three or four years. It’s working: we’ve been around two

years, we have 24 tenants, and three have already become so successful

that they’ve moved out."

Keith keynotes the New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network’s fifth annual

"Best of the Best" presentations this Wednesday, January 3,

at noon at the Doral Forrestal, 100 College Road East. Keith’s tenants

are diverse, ranging from Aunt Selma’s Chocolates to Media Craft,

an electronic marketing firm. "I have two types of tenants,"

he says, "those who have a physical presence in the building,

and the virtual tenants, who, for a modest fee, have this as their

business address, and have access to the common facilities. I won’t

let retailers in; we don’t want this turning into a shopping


Since the state program’s inception in 1988, seven


have been formed and are being funded by the state; in New Brunswick

at the Rutgers School of Management; at Mercer County Community


in Trenton; at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken; two

at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark; one at Picatinny

Arsenal in conjunction with Morris County; and Keith’s venture at

Burlington. All share in the $300,000 funding pie from the state-run

New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology (NJCST,

"No federal funding," Keith acknowledges, "although a

lot of our businesses apply for and receive federal money under the

Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program. Governor Whitman

has been very supportive of business incubation. In the current fiscal

year 2001, $5 million was allocated to the NJCST to encourage business

incubation expansion in the state."

Keith came on board with a background in business. He worked with

RCA until it was sold in 1985, and then became involved with small

businesses and some venture capitalists. Along the way, he became

aware of small business incubators, and when Robert C. Mussina and

the staff of the Burlington County Office of Economic Development

began to explore the program, Keith was available.

"Three or four things came together at the same time, around


says Keith. "First of all, the college was sitting on 30-40 acres

of farmland. That was turned into the second campus of the school.

Around that time, it became obvious that this area was turning into

the high tech Mecca of southern New Jersey. Within four miles of our

campus, there were approximately 128 high-tech companies, and there

were no incubators in the area. Then the federal government closed

Fort Dix, and there was some money from the U.S. Department of


available to offset the economic difficulties caused by the


"When I came on board in 1998, it was my job to recruit the


I spoke to every chamber of commerce I could reach, every Rotary Club,

every New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners Club. We had

leased every available spot before we opened in June, 1998. We proved

a lot of people wrong — a lot of people said there were no


in southern New Jersey."

Small business incubators have attracted attention in the private

sector, too. In its December 14 "Trendsetter Barometer,"


identifies businesses incubators as one of three main investment


being employed by large companies with extra cash for external


The National Business Incubation Network now boasts over 700 members


In his keynote address to the NJEN, Keith will talk about the status

of business incubation in New Jersey. Among the goals of the managers

of the incubators:

To continue to support each other. "Together, we have

formed the New Jersey Business Incubator Network (NJBIN). We want

to make people aware that we exist and are expanding."

To standardize and strengthen procedures for entrance.

"We want to fortify and enhance the entry requirements. I’d like

to enter into a formal agreement with each tenant so that they know

what they can expect of me."

To focus more on support than partnership. "Most of

the companies have a good business plan or an executive study. We

want to sit down with them and discuss the goals for three months,

six months, a year. We want to move away from being purveyors of


real estate to being the focus of accelerating growth and


To attract out-of-state entrepreneurs, getting them to

relocate here. "There are a number of feasibility studies that

have been funded by NJCST to look at different types of


The Burlington College incubator has been so successful that

Keith and his associates are in the planning stages of building a

second incubator across the street.

"Because we are involved with NJCST, we have an obligation to

focus on technology; as some of our non-techs move out, we want to

replace them with high-tech companies. The second building will be

the Burlington College Life/Science Incubator. We have a real need

for small — maybe 1,000 square feet — laboratory spaces for

people working in biotechnology. The second building will be 100



"We’ve had some real winners here," Keith says. "This

is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had in my life."

— David McDonough

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Incubator Choices

Together the state sponsored incubators have more than

110 companies employing more than 478 people and generating


in revenue. More than 100 companies have "graduated," and

about 80 of the graduates still do business in New Jersey. The line-up

includes incubators from both the public and private sectors.

Burlington County College High Technology Small


Incubator, 900 Briggs Road, Mount Laurel 08054. Frank S. Keith,

manager. 856-222-9311, extension 7906; fax, 856-439-0154. E-mail: Home page:

Trenton Business and Technology Center Inc., 36

South Broad Street, Trenton 08608. Al Spiewak, director. 609-396-8801;

fax, 609-396-8603. E-mail: Home page:

Co-sponsored by Mercer County Community College, this economic


program assists small businesses, provides office space and services,

and offers free small business counsel.

Technology Help Desk & Incubator (NJSBDC), 100

Jersey Avenue, Suite D-1, New Brunswick 08901. Randy Harmon, director.

800-432-1832; fax, 732-545-0120. E-mail:

Home page:

This incubator, a specialty program of the NJ Small Business


of Rutgers Graduate School of Business, assists technology


in commercializing their new technologies, searching for grants and

financing, and growing their business. It also provides business


assistance to early stage internet and E-commerce companies.

Stevens Technology Ventures Business Incubator,

Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken 07030. Gina M. Boesch, director.


fax, 201-216-8044. E-mail: Home page:

NJIT Technology Enterprise Development Center I,

240 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Newark 07102. Stash Lisowski,


973-643-5740; fax, 973-643-5839. Home page:

A technology oriented small business incubator.

NJIT Technology Enterprise Development Center (),

105 Lock Street, Fourth Floor, Newark 07102. Lou Gaburo, director.

973-643-4063; fax, 973-643-4502.

Picatinny Innovation Center, 3159 Schrader Road,

Dover 07801. Patricia Milley, executive director. 973-442-6400; fax,

973-442-6492. E-mail: An incubator for technology

firms that can have access to federal laboratories, personnel, and

critical technology. This may soon be augmented by funds for an


run in conjunction with Morris County.

Kent Management, 7 Deer Park Drive, Princeton


Plaza, Monmouth Junction 08852. Harold Kent AIA, owner, architect.

732-329-3655; fax, 732-329-9697. The Deer Park Drive office complex

operates as a private incubator for technology companies.

Straube Centers LLC, F-106 West Franklin Avenue,

Pennington 08534. Winn Thompson, manager. 609-737-3322; fax,


E-mail: Home page: This

is a "total business service center" for companies with large

or small space needs. These firms design, develop, produce, market,

service, and export products and services.

Another possibility: High technology companies can get


to locate in New Jersey cities and downtowns under the New Jersey

Cyberdistricts Program, which offers grants to municipalities and

qualified not-for-profit developers to create and market


There is no maximum grant amount. Applicants are encouraged to partner

with telecommunications companies, Internet service providers,


associations, commercial and industrial real estate owners, colleges

and universities, and community development corporations. Get a copy

of the RFP from the NJRA at 609-292-3739 or by writing to Leslie


at the NJRA, Box 790, Trenton 08625.

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Entrepreneurial Training

Prospective entrepreneurs can get training and qualify

for funds by taking the eight-week Entrepreneurial Training Institute,

a course that shows prospective business owners how to polish their

business plan. A consortium of banks offers a revolving loan fund,

through the New Jersey Development Authority, to ETI graduates.


after Scott Pollack and his wife, Kathy, purchased Varsity Liquors

on Nassau Street in October, 1999, he took the $225 course and came

away with $160,000 in financing from Summit Bank (January 26).

A wine importer and wholesaler in Trenton for 15 years, Pollack says

that ETI helped him enormously with payroll taxes, insurance, and

shopping for credit card pricing. Pollack’s advice: 1.) Don’t think

you know everything; and 2.) do the research.

Says Pollack. "There’s a lot more involved to running a business

than putting the key in the door and opening up."

ETI runs eight-week sessions in spring and fall at the Human Resources

Development Institute on Trenton’s Woolverton Avenue and at nine other

locations. Classes are once a week, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Call


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SCORE’s Online Tools

Almost everything on the new Service Corps of Retired

Executives’ (SCORE) website is valuable to small businesses owners,

from free E-mail consulting services to hotlinks on hard-to-find


information (July 5).

Formed in 1964 as a nonprofit dedicated to entrepreneur education

and formation, growth and success of small businesses nationwide,

SCORE’s 11,500 volunteers provide individual counseling and business

workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. SCORE

has assisted more than 4.2 million Americans with small business


Updated daily, SCORE’s new website models a daily business journal,

with timely articles, and informational quizzes intended to enlighten

business owners on how they’re faring, and an E-mail service that

allows users to query SCORE consultants directly. It also has a


A to Z list of hotlinks to important business resources. They include

an Associations Encyclopedia, AT&T Toll Free Internet Directory, SBA

links on everything from creating a balance sheet to drafting a


plan, company profiles, rules of copyrighting, an Internet tutorial,

ISP directory, an online legal library, nonprofit organization grants,

patent and trademark libraries, shareware, and trade show directories.

Purchases by small businesses are projected to reach nearly $53


in 2002, according to SCORE resources. With that in mind, SCORE


partnered with, a B-to-B website launched in March

that aims to put small business owners on "equal footing"

with big corporations by providing vertical listings of industrial,

financial, and shipping suppliers to small business owners.

Together SCORE and have compiled two quick-reading,

topic specific guides — "A Guide to Online Purchasing,"

and "A Guide to Small Business Leasing" — to help


make decisions with their spending capital and evaluate payment


when purchasing online or leasing. To obtain a free copy of the


call 800-634-0245 or visit the website.

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Entrepreneurs Groups

These organizations offer a chance for entrepreneurs

to pick up tips on how to get started and often are a way to meet

future angel investors.

Business Owners Institute , 676 Route 202/206 North,


08807. Al Warr, director. 908-526-1500; fax, 908-526-1501. Home

page: Countrywide assistance for


at any stage of growth and development, including start-up, fund


and tax problems — employing client referrals, meetings, seminars,

presentations, and other means of assistance.

Employers Association of New Jersey , 799 Bloomfield


Suite 312, Verona 07044. John Sarno, executive director. 609-393-7100;

fax, 973-239-0904. Home page: Nonprofit association

that provides employee relations services including salary and wage

benchmark data.

Innovation Garden State New Jersey , 135 West Hanover


CN 828, Trenton 08625. Stephen Sasala, executive director.


fax, 609-984-4920. Home page:


pro-business partnership that seeks to attract and retain businesses

in New Jersey — formerly Prosperity New Jersey.

New Jersey Entrepreneurial Network , 600 College Road East,

Suite 4200, Princeton 08540. Robert Frawley, president. 609-987-6656;

fax, 609-987-6651. E-mail: Home page:

First Wednesdays, September through June at the Princeton Forrestal

Hotel, $30 to $35, 609-279-0010.

New Jersey Entrepreneurs Forum , Box 313, Westfield 07090.

Jeff Milanette, president. 908-789-3424; fax, 908-789-9761. E-mail: Home page: Assistance

in formation and growth of young technology based enterprises in the

state, second Thursdays, 6 p.m., at McAteers, September to June.

Rutgers Center for Entrepreneurial Management , 111


Street, Newark 07102. Sharon Gifford. 973-353-1646; fax, 973-353-1233.

E-mail: Umbrella organization for


and small business outreach programs.

Rutgers Family Business Forum , 41 Gordon Road, Suite A

c/o Center for Applied Psychology, Piscataway 08854. David Niemeyer,

director. 732-445-7504; fax, 732-445-7970. E-mail:

Home page: www.rci.rutgers edu/ngsapp/center/family.htm.

This member organization addresses issues unique to family-owned


Young Entrepreneurs Organization , 510 Horizon Center,

c/o Deidre Moire, Robbinsville 08691. Stephen Reuning, trustee.


fax, 609-584-9575. Home page: International


for owner/operators of businesses, age 42 and under, with minimum

$1 million gross revenues, meetings open to members only, extension


Venture Association of New Jersey , Box 1982, Morristown

07962. Jay W. Trien CPA, president. 973-631-5680; fax, 973-984-9634.

E-mail: Home page: Monthly forum

for stimulating interaction among business leaders and investors,

also 973-267-4200, ext. 193.

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Technology Networking

GetContactx , 3100 Princeton Pike, Building 3, Suite G,

Lawrenceville 08648. Steve Sroczynski, president. 609-844-9880; fax,

609-844-9890. E-mail: Home page:

Global Electronic Technology ContactX Association, contact-building

for technology and business issues.

New Jersey Technology Council , 1001 Briggs Road, Suite

280, Mt. Laurel 08054. Maxine Ballen, president. 856-787-9700; fax,

856-787-9800. E-mail: Home page:

Statewide group that provides recognition, networking, information,

and services for the state’s technology businesses.

Princeton Technology Alliance Inc. , 863 State Road,


08540. Cathryn A. Mitchell, president. 609-921-3322; fax,


E-mail: Nonprofit organization


development and advancement of technology in the greater Princeton


Research and Development Council of New Jersey , 400 Morris

Avenue, Suite 222, Denville 07834. John Daghlian, executive director.

973-627-5330; fax, 973-627-8410. Home page:

Support for continued growth of technology-based organizations in

the state.

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Scientific Networking

American Chemical Society, Princeton chapter , Sarnoff

Corporation, CN 530, Princeton 08543. William Chiang, chair, 2001.

609-734-3222; fax, 609-258-6746. E-mail: Home

page: Meetings at Prospect

House (for dinner) and Frick Lab (for speakers) on the university

campus, call Denise D’Auria at 609-258-5202.

American Chemical Society, Trenton Chapter , Box 55633,

Trenton 08638. Peter Boughton, president. 609-771-4149; fax,



Second Tuesday of the month at 5 p.m. at Daly Hall, Rider University.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Central Jersey ,

Raritan Plaza, c/o Camp Dresser & McKee, Edison 08818. David


past president / newsletter editor. 732-225-7000; fax, 732-225-7851.

E-mail: Monthly at Princeton University’s E-Quad.

Association for Women in Science, Central Jersey Chapter ,

c/o Sandra Carson, Box 400, Princeton 08543. Mary Jo Donovan,


2001. 732-274-5342; fax, 732-274-5495. E-mail:

Home page: Forum for women in,

or considering careers in, science and technology.

Biotechnology Council of New Jersey Inc. , 160 West State

Street, The Princeton House, Trenton 08608. Debbie Hart, executive

director. 609-890-3185; fax, 609-581-8244. E-mail:

Home page:

Chemical Industry Council of New Jersey , 150 West State

Street, Trenton 08608. Hal Bozarth, executive director. 609-392-4214;

fax, 609-392-4816. Home page: More than 100


committed to both sustainable growth and environmental protection.

Chemical Industry Data Exchange: CIDS , Box 4199, Trenton

08610. Kathi Neal, chairperson. 609-393-7088; fax, 609-581-8244. Home


Electrochemical Society , 65 South Main Street, Building

D, Pennington 08534. Roque J. Calvo, executive director. 609-737-1902;

fax, 609-737-2743. E-mail: Home page:

A 7,000-member association for advancing the theory and practice of

electrochemical and solid-state science and technology.

New Jersey Center for Biomaterials and Medical Devices ,

610 Taylor Road, Piscataway 08854. Carole Kantor, associate director.

732-445-0488; fax, 732-445-5006. Home page:

Multi-university consortium working with New Jersey industry on


of a new generation of biomaterials.

Society of Women Environmental Professionals , Box 5218,

Princeton 08543. Gail Helfrick, chairperson. 609-683-1023; fax.

E-mail: Bimonthly meetings.

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Computer Groups

Association of Internet Professionals: NJ , 3 North Riding

Drive, Pennington 08534. Priscilla Waring, president. 609-737-6842;

fax, 609-737-0915. E-mail: Home page:

Trade group for professionals in the computer field, meetings second

Wednesdays at 6 p.m. at Sarnoff Corp.

IEEE Operations Center , 445 Hoes Lane, Box 1331,


08855. Bruce Eisenstein, President. 732-981-0060; fax, 732-981-0027.

Home page: Institute of Electrical and Electronics

Engineers, operations center for international organization.

IEEE Princeton/Central Jersey Section , 21 Hereford Drive,

Princeton Junction 08550. Shabbir S. Moochalla, chairperson.


fax, 215-497-2628. E-mail: Home


Princeton ACM/IEEE Computer Society , Box 1324, Princeton

08542. John DeGood. 609-924-8704; fax. E-mail:

Home page: Meetings on third

Thursdays at 8 p.m. at the Sarnoff Center, free, open to the public,

activities for both consumer users of computers and more technically

oriented people, dues $10.

Princeton Apple-II Users Group , 100 6th Avenue, Trenton

08619. Dave Ciotti, public relations. 609-587-8334; fax, 609-584-9271.

E-mail: Apple II technology exchange group;

meetings on second Fridays at 7:30 p.m.

Princeton MacIntosh Users’ Group , Stanhope Hall, Princeton

University, Princeton 08544. Seth Eberhardt, president. 609-258-5730;

fax, 609-258-1301. E-mail: Home page:

Meetings on second Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. at Jadwin Hall, A-10, $30

annual dues, hotline at 609-252-1163.

Princeton PC Users Group , Box 291, Rocky Hill 08553. Paul

Kurivchack, president/newsletter editor. 908-218-0778; fax,


E-mail: Home page:

Meetings on second Mondays, 7:30 p.m. at Lawrence Library, Route 1

South and Darrah Lane, dues $30/year

Trenton Computer Festival , Box 37, Kendall Park 08824.

Marin Light, KGP Productions. 800-631-0062; fax, 732-422-0076. E-mail: Home page: Non-profit event,

May 6 and 7, 2000, at the New Jersey convention center in Edison.

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