I’ve had a long life.

I’ve had a short life.

Are those just memories

or have I absorbed them?

Took pic of college graduation photo with my phone.

Does that count as a selfie? Not sure.

While certainly smells like you know who,

could I have stunk up the joint like that?

I tracked my shadow along the path

but it kept flipping like one of those optical illusions.

I try — really — to get a hold of myself.

Like custom tailoring a suit for a cephalopod.

One of these days I will surely get around to it —

the repose of no expectations.

Finally I tried to refinance my mortality,

but I had credit score issues.

Russ Weiss lives in an active adult community in Princeton Junction. He writes: ‘I fluctuate episodically between being more or less semi-retired, doing a little of this and some of that, and trying to be careful not to do too much of the wrong things.’

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