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These articles were published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on January 6, 1999. All rights reserved.

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NJBIA Publications

Billing itself as "the premier government affairs

organization in Trenton," the NJBIA represents the business community

before state agencies and the legislature through lobbying efforts.

In addition, the association acts as its members’ legislative watchdog,

keeping members abreast of developments in Trenton — through seminars,

publications, and newsletters — that can have an effect on their

businesses. Membership dues are based on the number of New Jersey

employees and start at $150 per year.

"We provide our members with a one-stop source of information

on legislation and regulations that are in effect or might be coming

down the road that will affect their business operations," says

Michele Glassburg, vice president of marketing. "In addition

to our many books and directories, we also publish weekly, monthly,

and quarterly publications, including our magazine, New Jersey Business."

To order any NJBIA publication, call the publications department at

609-393-7707, extension 239. For more information on becoming a member,

call Karla Pollack, director of member services, at extension

237 or go to http://www.njbia.org.

Pocket Guide Directory to the 208th New Jersey Legislature

has photos and information on state legislators, including office

addresses, phone and fax numbers, key aides, and more, published by

the NJBIA. There’s also information on New Jersey’s congressional

delegation in Washington. The new directory will be published in March

’99 after the new leadership and committees are formed. $3 for members,

$6 for non-members.

NJBIA Compensation Report for ’98-99 contains the results

of the survey of state businesses regarding compensation levels for

200 of the most common jobs in New Jersey, broken down by the five

labor market areas of the state. Member price is $95, $200 for non-members.

The Rapid Finder Weekly Tax Deduction Tables, published

by the NJBIA each January, provides payroll processing assistance

to small businesses that handle their own weekly payroll, and is a

handy reference for payroll managers. Covers both state and federal

deductions. $23 for members, $33 for non-members.

New Jersey Employment Laws and Regulations: A Practical Guide

for Employers, published by the NJBIA, offers an extensive summary

of New Jersey laws that affect employers. Updated every two years,

it covers such topics as temporary disability insurance, wages and

benefits, unemployment compensation, child labor law, workplace safety

and health, and workers’ compensation. Each chapter features information

on the laws and those who administer them. Also included is a directory

of forms that employers must file: workers’ compensation, equal employment

opportunity reporting, and more. $50 for members, $80 for non-members.

Federal Employment Laws and Regulations: How to Comply

also from the NJBIA, is much like the New Jersey book but covers Federal

employment regulations, of which there are many. $50 for members,

$80 for non-members.

Federal 5-in-1 Combined Poster: All employers are required

to display a current federal minimum wage poster reflecting the September

1, 1997, increase to $5.15 per hour. The poster includes the new federal

minimum wage, Employee Polygraph Protection Act, Family and Medical

Leave Act of 1993, Equal Employment Opportunity and Job Safety & Health

Protection (OSHA) regulations. $10 for members with bulk discounts

available, $12 for non-members.

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Directories, General

New Jersey Directory — the Insider Guide to New Jersey

Leaders, by Don Linky of Joshua Communications, costs $86 plus

shipping and tax. You can also order the full text directory available

in January and to be updated in May on disk for $395 plus tax. This

also includes the book.

Linky identifies the leaders and their public and private roles, including

the insider networks and family relationships. Other chapters are

on higher education (college presidents), the arts, science and technology

(scientists and research leaders), government and politics, and minority

leaders. Listings are cross referenced and bad news (what the companies

don’t what you to know) is included. A frequently-called number section

is handy. Also listed by department are numbers for every official

you would ever want to contact, plus E-mail addresses.

The Insider Guide to New Jersey Movers and Shakers, another

Linky publication, lists over 1,000 of the state’s top government,

education, and industry leaders. The 1999 edition will come out in

May. Cost: $45.

The Insider Guide to New Jersey Healthcare, with hospitals,

nursing homes, and other health care services and facilities for everyone

from consumers to industry suppliers. Cost: $69.

For a copy of any Linky book, call 609-452-7799; fax 609-452-2803.

The mailing address is: Joshua Communications, Box 7183, Princeton

08543-7183. E-mail: njlink@aol.com. Home page: http://www.njinsider.com.

The U.S. 1 Business Directory is particularly pertinent

for the greater Princeton area because it includes nearly 5,000 company

listings from all the area codes, including contact names, fax numbers,

number of employees, E-mail and URL addresses, and revenues where

available. It’s particularly useful for jobhunters, sales reps, and

small business owners. The 1999 edition will be available on Wednesday,

March 17, and will sell for $15.95, including postage. Send check

payable to U.S. 1 Directory, 12 Roszel Road, Princeton 08540. Or stop

by the office and pick it up in person for $12.95.

Other U.S. 1 directories include the Health and Fitness Directory

and the Retail Shopping Directory. Also check business news and listings

of business meetings for networking information in the paper’s weekly

editions. 609-452-0038; fax 609-452-0033; Home page: http://www.princetoninfo.com.

Corfacts guides include the 1999 New Jersey Business to

Business Directory, listing 26,000 companies for $265 plus tax and

shipping. The listing includes the same elements that U.S. 1’s Business

Directory has, plus additional names of executives.

Corfacts’ 1998 Human Resources Directory, is available in February,

and will have 8,400 of the largest companies with human resource contacts.

Cost: $175. Corfacts also publishes directories for each of New Jersey’s

21 counties, plus the Delaware Valley Business to Business Directory

for $195, and the $175 TriState Plus Directory, which lists

companies in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut with 100 employees

or more.

To order any of the above directories call 973-326-9443, fax 973-326-9188,

E-mail info@corfacts.com, or write Corfacts, 39 East Hanover Avenue,

Morris Plains 07950.

Resource Communications Group publishes the New Jersey

Business Source Book , which ranks the top 212 employers in New

Jersey in terms of size ($149.95), and Networking in New Jersey,

which lists all the trade and professional associations in New Jersey

($49.95). Also the New Jersey Media Guide, organizes the media

both by town and alphabetically and includes fax numbers and deadlines.

$94.95 plus tax and shipping. Call 800-331-5076; fax 512-458-2059.

The New Jersey Manufacturers Register can help you analyze

trends in the New Jersey industrial community, establish statewide

sales and distribution areas, and serve as a supplier source for your

purchasing department. It costs $105 in the 672 paper version and

is available on diskettes and CD-ROM. Published annually in Evanston,

Illinois, by Manufacturers News’ Inc. (http://www.manufacturersnews.com),

it profiles 10,957 industrial firms in New Jersey, with SIC codes,

and lists 17,070 executives of which 7,745 are presidents.

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Legal & Government Directories

Fitzgerald’s Legislative Manual, State of New Jersey,

is a fat little red book, three-inches thick and six-inches tall,

which costs $41. The 1999 edition comes out in May. For 126 years

this annually updated directory has been a standard reference. Look

here for officials at every level, their phones, addresses, and biographies.

Also listed: previous occupants of each post; detailed descriptions

of colleges, prisons, hospitals, and parks.; and names and salaries

of county executives. Call 609-396-2669, extension 2.

New Jersey Lawyer’s Diary and Manual, an official list

of all lawyers in the state, with addresses and phone numbers, is

published annually by Newark-based Skinder-Strauss Associates, which

does Fitzgerald’s Legislative Manual, and goes for $58.75. The book

includes names and addresses of judges and legislators. Also the Attorney’s

Day Book, a directory of the federal government and the court system

that includes information of interest to lawyers in all 50 states.

Call 609-396-2669, extension 2.

How to Find People With Information from Public Records

published in March, 1998, by South Orange author Robert Berko is a

useful directory of sources of public information at state and federal

levels. $22.95, plus $3 shipping, call 800-872-0121.

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How-To Books

The Doing Business in New Jersey Guidebook, is available

through any Small Business Development Center. Call Ken Gardner

at 609-984-9668 for more information. Sponsored by PSE&G, this free

sourcebook has business support organizations, county clerk offices,

financial information and resources, export information, procurement

opportunities, and help with starting a new business in the state.

It also provides information on insurance, business plans, licensing

requirements, bonding, and financial assistance. @lt = SCORE Books.

Free books on how to secure financing and how to choose the best bank

for your business are available to clients of SCORE (Service Corps

of Retired Executives). Paid for by Visa U.S.A. and written and edited

by Inc. Magazine, these useful books offer step by step tips on determining

your financial needs, assembling your loan package, sizing up alternative

lending sources, perfecting your presentation, building your banking

relationship, and working with the SBA.

New Jersey Grants Guide 1998-’99, published in cooperation

with the Center for NonProfit Corporations, offers profiles

of foundations and corporations with examples of their giving policies

are. It also lists government funding sources for nonprofits. The

738-page book costs $149 plus $6.95 shipping.

Indexed in 129 ways, including areas of interest, geographic location,

and officers and trustees, it includes financial data on assets, examples

of recent grants, application deadlines, contact names, and how much

to apply for. All book purchasers receive free updates six months

after publication, but an additional quarterly newsletter and fax

service costs $29 to book owners. Call 888-247-2689 or fax to 888-248-4339.

Rutgers’ Experts Reference & Faculty Directory: a resource

for business, was released in January by the Rutgers Faculty of

Management. It’s nicely done and nicely indexed, with about 120 faculty

profiles complete with photos, resumes, and areas of interest. Topics

range from artificial intelligence to women and business. Need an

expert on downsizing? Choose from, for example, James Bailey,

who cares about how individuals understand and adapt to organizational

change, or Eric Gedajlovic, who is interested in the effect

of ownership on profits and firm performance. Call 973-353-5177.

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Facts and Figures

MSM Regional Data Book, is a smorgasbord of regional data

covering the 32 municipalities in Mercer, Somerset, and Middlesex

counties. The current book, to be updated in February, 1999, is available

now for $75 for members, $125 for non-members, or on disk for $25


MSM’s book has reams and reams of data on population, employment,

real estate development, income, housing, transportation, Princeton

Junction train ridership, land use and environment, land cover, historic

trends, dedicated open space, population trends and projections, private

employment trends, government fiscal information, property tax information,

and more. Call 609-452-1717 or E-mail msmcouncil@aol.com.

Municipal Reference Guide: New Jersey by Eatontown-based

National Resource Directories presents names of key officials, real

estate values, income profiles, school system budgets, demographic

break-outs, housing data, library data, summaries of leading occupations

and industries, average work commute times, municipal population and

expenditure trends and breakdowns, and tons of other stuff for every

municipality in the state, one to a page. It’s all stuff that’s available

elsewhere, but this is packaged in a neat, parallel format. The names

and phone numbers of public officials are especially handy.

It comes in two volumes: one for north (including Middlesex and Somerset)

and one for south. Mercer and Monmouth counties, being on the border,

get to be in both. One volume is about $69.90 and both volumes are

about $104.85. Call 800-242-5511 or 732-643-1212. Look for a sample

page at http://www.towndata.com.

1999 Real Estate Planning Guide, published by the Hightstown

based-New America Network in January, has information on national

(and some international) real estate conditions, demographics studies,

business profiles, vacancy rates, rental ranges, and land prices from

127 markets in the United States, as well as some markets in Canada,

Brazil, and England. To obtain the $295 guide, call Eileen Pearce

at 609-448-4700.

The Mercer County Business Directory, a Mercer County

demographics profile published by the Mercer Chamber, is useful for

companies new to the area. Cost: $25. Call 609-393-4143.

The New Jersey Legislative Data Book, published by Rutgers

Center for Government Services, has such information as housing stock

characteristics, demographic files, local fiscal resources, school

statistics, and equalized property tax rates. Call 732-932-3640.

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Regulatory Maze

Department of Labor’s Employer Update. Information employers

need regarding new regulations, laws, form filing, and Department

of Labor seminars. The free newsletter is issued quarterly but if

you want to be sure not to miss the seminars that start in March,

call ahead: 609-292-3221.

Legal Services of New Jersey has issued "You and the

Law in New Jersey: A Resource Guide", published by Rutgers University

Press, for $50 in hardback, $19 for the paperback version. This handy

guidebook has nuts and bolts information by Melville D. Miller

Jr. , president of Legal Services of New Jersey, and Leighton

A. Holness, a senior attorney with that organization. Want to take

a debtor to small claims court? Or defend yourself against a too-greedy

landlord? Here’s your source. Call 732-572-9100 for Legal Services,

or 800-446-9323 to get the book.

FastSearch Corporation offers a Windows-based CD-ROM with

all the government regulations on it — indexing more than 100

million words it can find and display any regulation on any subject

in about three seconds. Look for anything from customs duties to postal

service rules, from laws on aliens to information on wildlife preservation.

The full text of every regulation is displayed complete with tables

that can be sent to a printer, fax, or word processor. One of the

CD-ROMs costs $399 plus $7.50 shipping and sales tax and includes

quarterly updates. Call 800-665-3958.

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Media Buzz

Burrelle’s New Jersey Media Directory, published by the

nationwide clipping, broadcast transcript, and video service in Livingston,

lists all newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media in the state

and sells for $64 in hard copy including shipping. To order, call

800-876-3342, or write to Burrelle’s, 99 East Northfield Road, Livingston

07039. A CD-ROM version is also available.

Burrelle’s Broadcast Database offers online scripts to influential

news and public affairs programming on CBS, NBC, CNBC, NSNBC, FNN,

some of ABC, and National Public Radio. You can search by index terms

or by date or program name. The database is available through BRS/Search

software or by a menu driven front-end software. It costs $30 a month

plus an online and document retrieval charge. Call Janice Hyman

at 800-631-1160, ext. 3036.

The Hill Donnelly cross reference directory denotes income

levels. Do you live in a one star or a four star neighborhood, with

four being the most affluent? Park Place in Princeton merits just

two stars but Alexander Street gets four. It’s detailed: the university

side of Nassau Street gets four, the other (even side) gets two. Some

of the newer areas, such as Canal Pointe and Fox Run, are not defined

by income levels.

What you really use this book for is for telephone marketing. Street

by street it gives the name of the telephone listing and whether the

listing is a business. It also has "reverse numbers," so you

can look up who called you and left the number. It indicates new listings

and the year that each first appeared.

The directory can also be used, its promoters suggest, to reduce credit

losses. Merely ask a new customer "to confirm identification by

providing names of neighbors or business establishments near the address

he gives." Or contact former neighbors of clients that skipped

town in the hope they will tell you where to find them.

Call 813-837-1009 or fax 813-839-8420 for a $121.55 copy of Hill-Donnelly’s

Trenton/Trenton Suburban Directory. For $183 you can buy a CD with

up to 500 printable labels.

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