Just like people, businesses sometimes need to take a moment to celebrate a major occasion, honor a special employee, or share ideas in an informal setting. But for many businesses, which have streamlined their physical offices and adopted work-from-home and virtual office policies, bringing everyone together in a single space for a one-time event is not easily done.

That’s where Ibis Plaza can assist, with flexible meeting space for up to 50 people — with optional catering — in the heart of the Quakerbridge Road business corridor, easily accessible from anywhere in the central New Jersey area.

Ibis Plaza has been leasing office space in Hamilton, New Jersey, since 1982. For many years, they only rented out “conventional” large spaces with long term leases. With technological advances came the need for smaller and smaller spaces as companies downsized and some employees were able to work from home. Ibis started dividing up its space into smaller sizes to meet this growing need. Finally they gutted out over 26,000 square feet of office space to create their all-inclusive, modern, upscale “Express Offices” and have seen the incredible demand they were hearing about. The spaces are from about 450 square feet up to 1344 square feet and soon to be even smaller at 125 square feet. Monthly rents start at $495. Tenants love the simplicity of the lease and the ability to lease for three months at a time.

Ibis didn’t stop there, though. As companies reduce their office space, they have also been cutting out their conference rooms which often sit largely unused. It makes sense to eliminate an unused conference room, as why pay for space that is not utilized regularly?

Ibis saw that the elimination of in-house conference space created yet another market need: hourly conference and meeting rooms. That’s why they recently opened up the Ibis Venue Center. The Ibis Venue Center consists of nine different rooms holding from 2 to 50 people. Customers love the ability to rent a professional space at reasonable prices and decide for themselves whether to cater or not.

Andrew Norin, President of BNI Business Synergy, a business networking group, is now using the Ibis Venue Center for his weekly meetings. He said, “This venue provides a professional space to accommodate our 25 plus membership. Parking and logistical access are excellent. The audio visual accommodations provide the necessary capability to make presentations to our membership. Overall, our group is pleased with the venue as well as the ancillary benefits that are provided to our group.”

Pivot Point Security has also been using the Venue Center for its strategy meetings. Says Lisa Zorovich, Director of Operations, “You made it really easy to plan and book — you answered all our questions in advance — and the venue was very clean, quiet, and productive!” A recent team from KPMG spent the day at Ibis and said, “Ellen Dollard was great. Despite the impending snow storm she helped us get catering organized and the room prepared for our needs.”

They have also heard from lawyers that need space for depositions as well as real estate closings, especially when their main office is not in Mercer County but their clients are. It’s easy to go onto www.IbisVC.com to book and pay for space at the Venue Center. They take all major credit cards. Any questions about any of the spaces at Ibis, call Ellen Dollard at 609-588-6900 x104.

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