HTI’s Breakthrough

Broadbeam & Palm: Perfect Together

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HTI and Broadbeam

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HTI’s Breakthrough

Hydrocarbon Technologies Inc., based on New York Avenue,

has finished a 10-month production test that could lead to a


application of the proprietary technology, the "GelCat"


that it has been working on for years. Texaco sponsored the test,

to manufacture 320,000 pounds of a new surfactant product for enhanced

oil recovery. The new surfactant, a renewable resource, is made from a

by-product of the

pulp and paper industry called "lignin."

The new surfactant will be used in down-hole well tests at an overseas

location. It will take two years to evaluate the next set of tests.

"This is the first large-scale production of lignin-derived


ever made to produce surfactant for Enhanced Oil Recovery," says

Al Comoli, president of the 62-person firm. "This is also the

third large-scale application of HTI’s GelCat catalyst. HTI has worked

for years to develop GelCat, and we are now seeing new


This employee-owned firm does fossil energy research and development,

process design, and technology licensing in hydroprocessing, heavy

oil upgrading, coal liquefaction, specialty chemicals development,

processing and recycling of municipal and industrial wastes, and


of other energy and environmentally responsive technologies. Its new

technology in waste coprocessing and recycling is a major effort to

convert and recycle waste plastic with coal and heavy oils.

Hydrocarbon Technologies Inc., 1501 New York


Lawrenceville 08648. A.G. Comolli, president. 609-394-3102; fax,


Home page:

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Broadbeam & Palm: Perfect Together

Palm Pilots are getting to be as necessary as cell


and an Alexander Road-based firm, Broadbeam Corporation, is helping

tool developers find new uses for the latest models. Broadbeam


as Nettech Systems) signed an agreement with Palm to deliver wireless

development tools for the Palm VII handheld computers.

With these tools, software vendors, system integrators, and corporate

IT departments can more easily extend their enterprise applications

to wireless Palm VIIs. To spur developers, those who register for

a special promotion by Friday, September 15, will receive 50 percent

off Broadbeam’s Developer Suite and other discounts. Also Broadbeam

and Palm will give marketing and sales support to the first five


certified by Broadbeam. These applications will be showcased at


pavilion at a trade show and be featured on the website at

"We are co-sponsoring this promotion with Palm to demonstrate

how easy it can be to develop wireless enterprise applications for

the Palm VII handheld, and to quickly bring a wide range of wireless

solutions for Palm’s customers," says Don Grust, senior vice


at Broadbeam.

In addition to the Alexander Road office, Broadbeam has offices in

Richardson, Texas; Chicago; Boston; Tampa; Southern California; and

the United Kingdom.

The company’s software, called middleware, provides wireless


between PCs in home offices and laptops and hand-held devices in the

field. Police departments and phone company technicians were initial

users, and Sears is also the company’s client. Its wireless


platform is most popularly known for its applications for the Hertz

Corporation. At certain airports, it lets curbside attendants use

handheld pen-based devices to send the names of arriving customers

to the Hertz gold card booths.

Broadbeam Corp. (former Nettech Systems), 600


Road, Princeton 08540. Boris Fridman, president. 609-734-0300; fax,

609-734-0346. Home page:

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