(On U.S. 1 Highway, at Harrison Street Bridge)

between my right wheel

and this metal barricade

something is moving

as officious as a nun

the tall determined wraith

bustles between car and rail

— something very wrong

as, overhead, her fellows

streak grey sky

she holds her left wing high

arced backwards

dark pinions all askew

white tufts strewing out behind

as she flees on foot

every few moments, she stops

poking her inky neck

between the cold sharp edges

of this ruthless rail

beyond which float

her unreachable, uninjured kin

I would stop rush-hour traffic

swoop my winged sister

into imperfect embrace

carry her to some safety

in the lake

Edelmann serves as arts & education associate at D&R Greenway Land Trust. The first member of the community accepted into Princeton University’s Creative Writing program, she studied with Ted Weiss, Galway Kinnell, and Stanley Plumly. She has written on nature, travel, and history for U.S. 1 and the Packet Publications. She is Co-founder of Cool Women Poets.

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