We all know someone who can’t hear so well. And we all know how frustrating ‒‒ not to mention exhausting ‒‒ it is to have to shout everything when we talk to them.

But think about what happens next. You talk to your mom or dad or granddad less because it’s so much effort to hold a conversation. And that begins what often becomes a cycle of isolation and depression; of a loved one becoming an outsider in his or her own family.

This is why Dr. Jane Brady, owner of Horizon Audiology in East Windsor, and soon in Pennington as well, does what she does for a living.

“Hearing better changes people’s lives,” she says. “They can join in conversations. They’re more likely to start going to community events again.”

Better still, they can hear the little sounds of life that they’ve missed.

“People who’ve suffered hearing loss are in tears when they hear what they’ve been missing,” Dr. Brady says. A grandchild’s laugh; their spouse’s voice; birds singing outside the window. “There’s not much better than helping someone hear better.”

Dr. Brady and her staff, which features two additional audiologists, Drs. Tara Fuchs and Kristina Lanzoni, pride themselves on a welcoming, no-pressure atmosphere. While some audiology practices push the latest technology, Horizon’s staff understands that any hearing aid, no matter how technologically advanced, is useless if no one wears it.

The main philosophy at Horizon Audiology is that the hearing’s the thing. And sometimes it takes a little work to find the right device, but the Horizon team will keep working until they find the right fit.

Horizon carries a vast array of hearing devices, from ear monitors for musicians to devices designed for aural rehab and everywhere in between. And these devices cover the spectrum of manufacturers, technology, and prices. This means that if you have a device that’s not working properly, Horizon can most likely fix it.

“It gives us a lot of flexibility,” Dr. Brady says. “We don’t often say ‘We can’t service that.’”

Horizon will also work with your budget, no matter what your budget is. Some patients come in and want the latest and can pay out of pocket, Dr. Brady says. Others may need some help getting the right device. No worries ‒‒ Horizon Audiology offers zero-interest financing for all its products. The point is to get people to hear better, remember? Not to make big money on sales of expensive devices.

To further meet the needs of patients in the area, Horizon will soon be opening a second location in Pennington. Dr. Brady says the location was chosen because so many of her patients come from the Hopewell area. Another nod to Horizon’s attention to what patients need and what makes their lives easier.

“It’s all really personal for us,” she says. “People really get to know us, like family. We even had a patient over the summer who became a grandmother for the first time. She brings us pictures now.”

Visit Horizon Audiology online at HorizonAudiology.com or call 609-448-9730.

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