Jane Brady, AUD.

Jane Brady, AUD and Director of Horizon Audiology, Inc., had practiced audiology for 15 years when she founded her practice — a private, independent hearing and hearing aid dispensing office located in Central New Jersey. Dr. Brady’s practice focuses on combining her team’s extensive experience in the industry with cutting-edge technological developments and an unmatched level of care.

Dr. Brady’s early career was focused on the medical nature of audiology, garnering several years of experience as a staff audiologist working with rehab specialists at JFK Medical Center’s Neuroscience Institute and Brain Trauma Unit and with ear, nose, and throat physicians located in Princeton. Throughout the early 2000, audiology saw major advances in testing, device, and treatment solutions, and the field developed products to meet a broader range of patient needs. During this time, Dr. Brady established herself as one of the premiere audiologists in the industry, as a hearing care provider, lecturer, and consultant. When she opened Horizon Audiology 13 years ago, Dr. Brady founded the practice with a mission of bringing premiere care and the most advanced audiological devices to patients in the Central New Jersey area at an affordable cost.

At its core, Horizon Audiology is a local, family-run business committed to helping its patients hear better. However, unlike a more traditional audiology practice, Dr. Brady and her team work with a wide variety of hearing technology companies and offer creative billing options to develop the most individualized treatment plans possible based on patient’s listening needs, lifestyle, price considerations, and product design. Today’s digital solutions consist of a variety of designs — both custom and off the shelf — which are designed to meet each patient’s unique requirements. New technology, which is a good fit for some patients, even offers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week hearing devices inserted by an audiologist and worn around-the-clock for six to ten weeks!

Between herself and Horizon Audiology’s other two expert audiologists, Tara Fuchs, AUD, and Lisa Petino, AUD, Dr. Brady’s team of doctors brings more than 75 years’ experience in the field to their practice. Dr. Brady and her team invite you to make an appointment to meet the staff of Horizon Audiology and looks forward to helping you and your loved ones achieve Better Hearing Today.

Call us for an appointment at our East Windsor or Pennington office at 609-448-9730.

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