Imagine that! A year of yoga costs less than a night in the hospital. $1,000 versus $1,200 to $2,200, depending on the hospital. As people age, the average time spent in the hospital is five days, a whopping $10,000.

Yoga is an art and science combination, a balance of the brain, body, and heart creating positive transformation. With a yoga practice, individuals can live a healthier life through mind, body, and spirit.

Many seniors start yoga in their retirement years. They want to feel differently than they did during all those years working and raising their family. They are looking for a community of people whom they can relate to but more importantly, seniors hope to let go of the stereotype of aging. Yoga can actually turn back the clock, re-building strength and flexibility and bringing about better health and well-being.

The working years put a strain on the body, and many emerge with a rounded spine and suffer from pain. The breath has become shallow and short, rather than long, deep breaths. A yoga practice actually teaches one to breathe and brings oxygen to every cell of the body.

This is the image that society has of those who are getting older, a rounded spine, shallow breath, and slow moving. A yoga practice actually teaches one to control and once again lengthen the breath, helping to bring oxygen to every cell of the body. As yoga enhances breathing, the breath actually creates more space separating all those little bones in the back.

Yoga is like a lifestyle renovation by taking action to feel stronger, safer, and more secure. A yoga practice is like a rebirth, a new life that emerges with a brighter outlook without the realization that physical and emotional changes are made.

Yoga is compared to a flower blooming, petals slowly opening. Many seniors have found that they are aging more gracefully while feeling more joyful, relaxed, and at ease. They feel great, and everyone around them enjoys the benefits of their improved well-being, especially the senior yogis!

Yoga philosophy may be especially valuable to seniors. It has been discovered that after mid-life, spirituality increases as there is more time to focus on personal growth, learning, and expansion. There are so many benefits that result from the physical yoga practice and combined with breath work and meditation, a yoga practice for seniors is well rounded and life changing.

Benefits to seniors. The gifts of your practice!

• Reduce the need for prescription drugs.

• Stress Reduction.

• May balance blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

• Sharpens the mind and enhances brain function.

• Relieves insomnia.

• Improves balance, flexibility and strength.

• Brightens your spirit.

• Relaxes the nervous system.

The staff and teachers at Honor Yoga are looking forward to meeting you and guiding you on your journey. Join us for all types of classes from Chair Yoga, Gentle Mat Classes and Roots. All of our studios offer a four-week beginner series that will help you begin your journey. We are offering another great series, Actively Aging Yoga. This series is rotated at different studios.

Contact Leslie Hadley, Director of Honor Yoga Circle of Life, for more information and she will guide you to the best class and nearest studio.

Yoga is an investment in life and there is a yoga class for everyone. Join us today!

Honor Yoga has locations in Hamilton, Hillsborough, Jackson, Manalapan, Mansfield, Millstone, Milltown, and Pennington.

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