by Shannon Cranmer

Honor Yoga of Hamilton is an oasis for the soul. It is not just a yoga studio but a place of healing. It encompasses this energy because of the love that radiates from within. Owners Melody Appel and Maria Parrella-Turco set the intention to change the world through the power of yoga, and they are on their way!

Bathed in candlelight and vibrating with the sound of “OM,” I came into my first day of teacher training not knowing what to expect. A room filled with women and men with their own stories, each different, but all with a common theme. We all wanted to change our lives by enhancing the lives of others through yoga. This is not just a course in Anatomy and proper alignment of the body. Honor Yoga’s teacher training is an evolution of self. This course facilitates deep reflection and awakening to occur and the metamorphosis that happens is nothing short of spectacular.

Over the last six months I have spent my weekends perfecting my poses and learning proper alignment points, but the true journey goes deeper. When was the last time you have laughed like a child or hugged 15 people at one time? Can you recall feeling so open amongst a group of kindred spirits that you could cry openly and bare your deepest fears with complete trust that you would not be judged but nurtured? This place, this haven of health, healing and rejuvenation is practically divine.

Inspiration is what yoga does for the mind, body and spirit. Through this course I was inspired to change my life on many levels. Through the principles of yoga I learned to practice patience and perseverance. On the mat these challenges help you to become a person who is more centered, a person who can breathe easier because your mind, body and spirit is constantly evolving into a lighter, more aware entity.

My inspiration has taken over! Now looking towards graduation, I have been inspired to open my own Honor Yoga studio! Talk about igniting passion and the pursuit of happiness! This all is a possibility because of the mission of the founders of Honor Yoga. Their mission to change the world through yoga and make the healing practice of yoga approachable to all people. In September, Honor Yoga Mansfield, NJ, will be opening its doors for change. Along with a third location in Pennington, New Jersey, may the energy of this beautiful practice of yoga continue to affect the lives of many. I invite all who have a deep rooted desire to simplify your lives to adapt yoga as a daily practice. Those who seek something deeper, please investigate this wonderful teacher training program.

Honor Yoga offers yoga classes on many levels with instructors who radiate the principles of yoga and a love for humanity. Please join us in changing the world one asana at a time! Namaste.

Honor Yoga, 621 Route 130 North, #12, Hamilton. 609-414-7171.

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