For more than 30 years Hofing Management has been one of the most respected full-service commercial property management companies in New Jersey. Whether utilizing our local knowledge in and around our Trenton center of operations or taking our expertise to areas throughout the state, our goal always remains the same: to optimize the value of your investment property and maximize your occupancy and rental income.

In addition to managing properties Hofing Management also provides services to investor groups, financial institutions, and individuals looking to enhance the value of their properties while taking advantage of our experience and expertise honed by decades of quality performance. Our clients continue to place their trust in us, and we continue to perform for them, always working to maximize cash flow and increase property appreciation in good times — while also working to provide stable performance in times of economic uncertainty.

When managing your investment property our focus is tailored to fit your needs across the spectrum of management services including:

• Accounts receivable/accounts payable

• Administration of all service contracts

• 24-hour emergency services

• Collection of all rents and CAM

• Administration and coordination of all minor and major repairs

• Owner/tenant relations

• Owner reporting and updates including financial statements, balance sheets, bank reconciliations, general ledger detail and income statements

• Administration of all capital improvement projects and renovations at set fees

Over the past several years Hofing Management has expanded the asset management division of our company, acting as a third-party liaison between tenants and owners. Our abilities in this area have created a win-win situation for owners as we not only take the burden of day-to-day operations away from the owner but also provide the tenants a reliable source for any situation they may encounter in the scope of running their businesses.

Whether it’s attracting clients and filling vacancies or keeping current with landlord laws and city ordinances Hofing Management is always there. We know that keeping your tenants happy will ultimately maximize your bottom line.

The experience and knowledgeable support staff at our home office are an added benefit as our team assists the firm in every aspect of the business. Hofing Management’s trusted experts in marketing, acquisition and development, leasing and maintenance operations, insurance, finance, compliance, and risk management help ensure that the goals and objectives of owners and investors are achieved.

For more than 30 years Hofing Management has been providing our clients with the knowledge of our experience and the performance that comes with it. We continue to grow while never losing sight of our core values: delivering maximum value to clients and outstanding support and professionalism to our family of tenants.

Discover the Hofing Management difference for yourself. Call today to schedule a review of your property management needs. We’re ready when you’re ready.

Hofing Management, 928 West State Street, Trenton. 609-392-0092.

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