Princeton University eating club Cloister Inn has been serving the discerning dining and social needs of upperclassmen for nearly a century. The last 34 years, Cloister Inn has been under the care of Club Steward and Executive Chef Alan Aptner of Savoir Fare.

Cloister Inn is a co-ed eating club founded in 1912 to foster the bonds of friendship through social time and fine dining. The university’s eating clubs were founded in the early 1900s as an alternative to university-sponsored dining halls, but became so much more.

"Many think the clubs on Prospect Street are in remodeled mansions; in fact, they were built to house the eating clubs," Aptner said. "Cloister Inn was built in 1920; I’ve been proudly associated since 1977."

Cloister Inn also serves another very special function in the Princeton area: as a spectacular special event venue with catering provided by Aptner’s Savoir Fare. One of the few clubs available to the public, the historic building is available during summers, holidays and school breaks.

"The building is charming, convivial and extremely inviting, and is one of the few on the street available for non-members to rent out," Aptner added. "We have indoor and outdoor areas, and have handled small, intimate crowds and events up to 450."

Aptner’s Savoir Fare has garnered the respect of the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Times of Trenton and other publications for excellence during the past 30+ years. It consistently rates high, which is a selling point for the Cloister Inn and for its catering clients.

"We’ve catered a wide range of occasions, including bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversary parties, corporate affairs, holiday gatherings, business seminars and luncheons," he noted. "I invite interested parties to contact me for a tour of Cloister Inn and a tour through the menu. You will be delighted."

Learn more about special events at Cloister Inn at, or contact Aptner directly at 215-630-5904.

Savoir Fare at Cloister Inn. 65 Prospect Avenue, Princeton. 215-630-5904

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