As a full-time real estate agent of more than 30 years, I’m familiar with a wide range of strategies that agents can implement to help homeowners sell their properties. One strategy I’ve seen a lot of lately is the use of “quiet listings” or “pocket listings” in which a broker has the exclusive rights to sell a home without advertising it or entering into a multiple listing service. In my experience, however, it is almost always a more effective strategy to list a home publicly.

A public listing offers many benefits to sellers that I feel outweigh the exclusivity of a pocket listing. When sellers list their homes publicly, it opens up their listings to a larger pool of buyers represented by multiple brokerage firms. It allows sellers to be confident that they received the best and highest price for their properties.

I believe all sellers should be given full access to the entire real estate community, which places their homes before thousands of real estate agents and their clients. It’s what I would personally expect from a real estate agent if I were selling my home. It’s what any client should expect from any broker with whom they choose to do business.

Every buyer, every seller, every real estate agent knows that my policy is to share my listings with both fellow Coldwell Banker agents and all colleagues who work for other companies. This assures my sellers the best and highest price the market will bear.

Coldwell Banker has been a perfect fit for me because there is an atmosphere of integrity that benefits not only clients but also affiliated agents. This positive reputation is a large part of the reason that Coldwell Banker has been in the business of selling homes for more than 110 years.

With the resources of Coldwell Banker at your service, publicly listed properties receive an incredible amount of exposure. Coldwell Banker is positioned on a global basis to seamlessly market properties at home and abroad through its vast network of national and international real estate offices and agents. The company also has the financial ability to aggressively market properties across all media platforms, including online, print and direct mail campaigns.

Coldwell Banker is a leader in the real estate industry with $225.2 billion in annual sales (2015) and a consistent level of brand awareness that surpasses 92 percent. Coldwell Banker offers a full technical support staff and the encouragement of management to freely cooperate with all real estate agents everywhere.

These are among the reasons why I love Coldwell Banker! My clients have access to a wealth of options that market their homes to the largest number of agents and buyers, and helps them to maximize the important financial investment they’ve placed in their homes.

Heidi A. Hartmann, Coldwell Banker, 10 Nassau Street, Princeton. 609-658-3771 mobile; 609-921-1411 office; 609-688-4819 direct.

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