Hedy Shepard Ltd. may be one of the classic Princeton destination stores, but its offerings span a wide range of styles and prices, from jeans to cocktail dresses.

The shop, run by the mother-daughter team of Lynn Rabinowitz and Rachel Rabinowitz Reiss, is stocked with fashions for women of all ages, especially business women, who want exceptional quality at a good price.

"We became acutely aware in the summer of 2008 that we needed to re-address the changing shopping habits of our customers," said Rabinowitz Reiss. "We often hear women don’t stop by because we’re too expensive; that’s not the case. We have a tremendously wide price range, and we urge women to come in and see that we do have choices so they can pick and choose to fit their pocketbooks."

Rabinowitz and Rabinowitz Reiss took over the operations of Hedy Shepard Ltd. in the spring of 2000 from the original store owner and namesake. The shop has been on Nassau Street for the past two decades and specializes in wardrobe essentials for day and evening. It carries unique pieces from American and international designers with an eye to what is not already in its customers’ closets.

"Above all, however, we pride ourselves on our caring customer service," Rabinowitz emphasized. "We bend over backwards for our customers. The only thing that sets any store apart is what you’re willing to do and the relationships you build. For 11 years as owners of Hedy Shepard Ltd. we’ve been walking in the door every day with one thought in mind: what can we do for you, our valued customer?"

Rabinowitz Reiss concurs, noting there is no distinction in their minds between a customer who spends $50 and one who spends $500. She says customers have become friends and together they’ve become a family.

"Our repeat customers and the caring relationships we’ve built with them are the backbone of our business," she added. "That’s why there’s always an owner in the store. It’s our privilege to pamper you."

Hedy Shepard Ltd. is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and, starting in March, there will be Thursday evening and Sunday hours. Call for more information or to set up a personal appointment. New merchandise arrives daily, so the owners encourage frequent visits. See display ad on page 19.

Hedy Shepard Ltd. 175 Nassau Street, Princeton. 609-921-0582. www.hedyshepardltd.com

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