Roderick T. Kaufmann, Jr., M.D. has made a living out of helping people turn the other cheek. Or at least filling out parts of their cheeks they may not love.

“We’re all not perfect. Some people see some imbalances when they look in the mirror. They see things they can improve,” said Dr. Kaufmann, a dermatologist who opened Princeton Dermatology Associates in Princeton, NJ, some 21 years ago.

To help people deal with these perceived flaws, Dr. Kaufmann offers a myriad of services.

One option injects fillers into the face to improve features the patient finds unflattering. Currently, he works with several fillers, including Radiesse. “It works wonders for people who want to fill in the lines that form between the cheek and the upper lip. We can also rebuild the cheeks as they start to sag,” he said. This injectible has been used more frequently in recent months.

“Not many dermatologists use Radiesse yet,” said Kaufmann. “But it gives patients better, longer lasting results. It really restores balance to the face.”

Radiesse’s success is most evident to patients in how often they may need to repeat the

procedure. While older fillers tend to dissolve in six to nine months, the new treatments last from nine to 14 months. Different from a muscle relaxer like BOTOX, Radiesse is a volumizer and filler.

“We use these in parts of the face where BOTOX is inappropriate. The more experience we get with fillers, the more patients benefit. In the optimal circumstance, we get the most productive results when we mix and match the available products to meet the patient’s needs.”

Dr. Kaufmann shared a story about a young professional woman who had filler treatments previously and was happy with the results.

However, by using a different filler and technique, “we restored the apple of her cheeks and have given her a different, longer-lasting response to the problem. She’s very happy with the improved results we achieved.”

Dr. Kaufmann and Princeton Dermatology Associates do more than just help people

improve their appearance. While cosmetic dermatology represents about 25 percent of his workload, most patients come to Princeton Dermatology Associates for general dermatology issues such as rashes, skin conditions, cancer and pre-cancerous situations.

“There is a great need for dermatology and dermatologists. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the human body. That means a lot can happen to it. Couple that with our aging population and more problems can arise,” he said.

Princeton Dermatology Associates has grown substantially since moving to Princeton in 1987. Since opening that first office, the practice now has offices in Monroe, Pennington, Somerset and Hillsborough.

The practice not only deals with a wide range of skin conditions and cosmetic needs, it also does specialized cancer surgery (Mohs), light treatments as well as a variety of other medical treatments.

The practice also houses the Aesthetics Center of Princeton, which provides a wide range of medically supervised clinical and cosmetic services, and Dr. Kaufmann’s personally formulated line of skin care products.

Princeton Dermatology Associates is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some Saturday hours also are available.

Princeton Dermatology Associates. Princeton Shopping Center, Suite 1E, Princeton. 609-683-4999. Fax: 609-683-0298.

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