Dr. Jill Hazen just open just made it easier than ever to look great just in time for summer…

We are excited to announce that the Hazen Medical Spa has just opened in Plainsboro. This truly unique medical spa far surpasses what comes to mind when you think of the technology of a medical spa or the comfort of a spa in numerous ways.

Because Dr. Hazen is a pioneer in adopting the latest technologies for anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, and tattoo removal, and has the most extensive array of equipment in the area, she can provide patients with the best, most comprehensive treatment approach to address their specific issues.

Since Dr. Hazen is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon she can present patients with a combination of both non-surgical and surgical solutions. While in the past liposuction was the only solution for sculpting the body, now there is a quick, non-surgical solution with no down time, pain or bruising –– it’s called CoolSculpt, the perfect solution for eliminating stubborn fat that diet and exercise doesn’t address.

While other facilities may offer CoolSculpt, Dr. Hazen’s new Medical Spa not only has more equipment, which cuts treatment time in half (making it a lunchtime or after work procedure). She also has CoolSculptPlus — the latest technology that delivers better results and more quickly.

When asked why there was a need for a medical spa, Dr. Hazen explained: “While many people come to me for cosmetic procedures –– to help them look younger, or to feel better about their body –– today there are so many non-invasive procedures that it makes sense to provide both surgical and non-surgical solutions. For example, CoolSculpt is a highly effective, non-surgical, way to look thinner, toned, and more sculpted without diet or exercise –– and it is perfect for treating those stubborn areas where diet and exercise doesn’t always work, including:

• Belly fat, the mid-section –– upper and lower abdomen

• Love handles and muffin tops

• Inner highs

• Excess skin under the backside

• Under arms

• Bra fat lines

CoolSculpt works by gently freezing fat cells that are then eliminated naturally by the body without harming the surrounding tissue. It s pain-free and only takes an hour per treatment area.”

Many people who want to have CoolSculpt choose to go to Dr. Hazen for three reasons:

• Her experience, and because CoolSculpt Plus is just one aspect within a comprehensive plan that Dr. Hazen may recommend to achieve a person’s specific goals.

• She has more CoolSculpt machines, and therefore is able to treat multiple areas at the same time, which literally cuts treatment time in half.

• She offers CoolSculpt Plus that accelerates just how quickly you will see results, and it actually delivers better results than just CoolSculpt alone.

“Dr. Hazen is remarkable. When people marvel at how good I look — for 64 –– from my natural looking appearance to the quality of my skin –– I tell them that I had my eyes done and a mini facelift eight years ago, have had three Ulthera treatments over the years, and laser treatments to eliminate the redness in my face, and dark spots on my chest. It is this comprehensive approach that helps me maintain a youthful appearance for my age. I also swear by the products that she recommends,” explained Lynne Wildenboer, who continued to rave about her tummy tuck and breast lift that Dr. Hazen also did.

Dr. Jill Hazen’s medical spa was designed to deliver the ultimate patient experience through a carefully selected menu of services including: injectables, lasers, aesthetic services, in a private, tranquil atmosphere. In this environment the finest medical treatment and the luxury spa experience come together.

To schedule a consultation call 609-452-0246. The Medical Spa is located at 10 Forrestal Road South, off Campus Road, across from the new hospital.

Hazen Medical Spa, 10 Forrestal Road South, Suite 104, Plainsboro. 609-452-0246. www.hazenmedicalspa.com. See ad, page 32.

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