by Caroline Griggs, PharmD, MBA

Are you over the age of 45 or post-menopausal and suddenly feeling different than you used to? Have you recently gained weight or experienced difficulty losing weight? Do you feel depressed? Having hot flashes, dry skin, anxiety, or night sweats? What about feeling irritable or fatigued? If you have any of these symptoms or have not been feeling like yourself since menopause or after turning a certain age, you may have a deficiency in your hormones.

Hormones serve as messengers from your brain, telling your internal organs how to function. A decrease in the production of hormones begins in middle age and continues to diminish into old age.

The good news: we do not have to live without these hormones. Patients who start bio-identical hormone therapy report feeling healthier, happier, and more energetic.

What is Hormone Therapy? In simplest terms, hormones are chemical messengers that travel through our bloodstream and enter tissues, where they late the many body functions that help keep us feeling physically fit, mentally sharp, and emotionally stable. A delicate balance exists between the various hormones produced within our bodies. This balance is the key to maintaining our sense of health and well-being.

When the hormone levels in our body fluctuate, it can affect everything from our mood to our resistance to disease, to our ability to conceive and bear children. In fact, every cell of the human body is influenced by hormones.

A Vital, Yet Fragile System. Unfortunately, the body’s endocrine system — made up of glands that produce hormones — is fragile. Chemical exposure, caffeine use, smoking, sleep deprivation, stress, emotional upheaval, and aging can throw our hormone balance off-kilter. This can lead to problems including fatigue, aches and pains, hair loss, weight gain, anxiety, and depression. In women it can also cause menstrual abnormalities and infertility.

Every sector of society suffers from hormone imbalance, and studies show that seven out of ten adults experience the problem to some extent. Luckily, being aware of the problem is the first step toward finding a solution — a solution that works for you.

The Solution. Medical Home Pharmacy recommends Targeted Hormone Balancing Therapy, a comprehensive alternative to conventional Hormone Replacement Therapy regimens. Used successfully by tens of thousands of physicians for more than 45 years, this therapy targets the core problems by achieving balance between the major hormones in the body. When hormone levels are too high or too low, Targeted Hormone Balancing Therapy utilizes Bio-Identical hormones to adjust these levels. Bio-Identical hormones are compounds derived from wild yams or soybeans that are chemically altered in the laboratory to look and behave exactly like our own human hormones.

If you think you might be a candidate for Targeted Hormone Balancing Therapy, the team at Medical Home Pharmacy is here to help. We can help you complete an initial assessment to determine whether hormone therapy is right for you, and discuss treatment options with both you and your primary care physician.

If you would like to learn more about hormone therapy, please call 609-989-1400 and ask for Dr. Caroline Griggs, PharmD, MBA.

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