‘Someday I’ll get in shape. Someday I’ll learn to swim. Someday I’ll get involved.”

Start your someday today at the Hamilton Area YMCA! The Hamilton Area YMCA encourages the development of overall health by providing programs that promote healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility. Whether you enjoy zumba and pilates or basketball and free weights or you’ve never been to a fitness center before, the Y has a program that will help you fulfill your goals.

“We cherish the opportunities to teach a young member how to swim, introduce a teen to new friends, motivate an adult to reach a personal goal, or work with a senior returning from a surgery ” says Joe Fuhrman, Director of Member Initiatives and Healthy Living. “We take pride in ‘being there’ for everyone and providing options that promote a healthy lifestyle.”

To provide even more options for members of the community looking for an affordable way to get fit, the Hamilton Area YMCA is happy to announce new partnerships with Horizon Blue Cross-Blue Shield and AARP. Through these two organizations, members can receive reimbursed or discounted memberships:

• Horizon Blue-Cross Blue-Shield subscribers can check their eligibility for a $20/monthly reimbursement by visiting HorizonBFit.com.

• AARP members can check their eligibility for a 50 percent membership discount by visiting JoinAtYourBest.com.

In addition, the Hamilton Area YMCA has a Corporate Membership Program for Mid-Size and Large Businesses (75+ employees). Through the corporate membership program, employees are eligible for a 10 percent membership discount, as well as six hours with a certified trainer and an all-inclusive fitness assessment.

When you join the Y, you join more than just a gym. You join a community. As a non-profit organization, the Y invests in the community to provide programs that meet critical areas of need. In 2015 the Y will roll out a suite of programs designed to have a direct impact on chronic diseases affecting our neighbors. The new Chronic Disease Programs include:

• Diabetes Prevention

• ACT! – Childhood Obesity Prevention

• Building Strength for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

• Delaying The Disease Parkinson’s Program

• Enhanced Fitness Arthritis Programming

• THRIVE! A Program for Those Living with Cancer

All programs are scheduled to launch their first full session in March, 2015. For more information about these programs, to register, or to learn more about how you can help the Y attack these issues head on, please contact Cyndi Primerano, Chronic Disease Prevention Coordinator, at prevention@hamiltonymca.org.

To learn more about membership and programming, please contact Joe Fuhrman at jfuhrman@hamiltonymca.org or visit our website at hamiltonymca.org.

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