Whether you’re looking to get in shape for the New Year or trying to equip your company’s gym, Gym Source is your destination for everything from your initial consultation to the installation and servicing of your equipment.

Gym Source, a specialty fitness equipment retailer with a location on Nassau Park Boulevard, is the largest commercial fitness dealer in the country. Founded in New York City in 1937, Gym Source now has 33 stores up and down the East Coast. The company’s success is due in large part to its commitment to personal service.

“Service is a big, big part of the company, and in this industry it’s almost a lost art to find a company in specialty fitness that has its own in-house service team, which we do. We do our own service, our own delivery and installation. From a consumer standpoint we service in the home as long as they own it,” says Princeton store manager John Geraghty.

Gym Source provides equipment designed for both home and commercial fitness environments. It supplies commercial equipment to hospitals, schools, professional sports teams, college sports teams, and businesses, and will also arrange and install the equipment.

Before you visit the store, make sure to check out Gym Source’s state-of-the-art website, gymsource.com. There you can view the different lines of equipment offered and find out what’s available at your price point. Rest assured that whatever product you choose, it will be among the best available. “What we sell is the best product in the industry,” Geraghty says. “It’s equipment that when used will be durable and last.”

One example of the state-of-the-art equipment available at Gym Source is the new Power Plate MY7, which uses vibration technology to give the user a full-body workout. “It’s just amazing because it covers strength training, massage, stretching, and balance,” says Geraghty. “More than just a piece for the core, it will work every muscle in the body, and it takes up a very small space.”

More traditional equipment, including ellipticals and treadmills, is also available. But Geraghty notes that as fitness professionals, Gym Source employees emphasize to customers that one single piece of equipment is not the entire workout. “We try to set up the full aspect of cardio training, strength training, stretching, so people understand that it’s the entire puzzle that needs to be completed to get the most from your fitness routine,” he says.

Gym Source, 570 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton. 609-688-9590. www.gymsource.com. See display ad page 13.

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