Jacqueline Fay outside Grit + Polish Nail & Skin Studio on Witherspoon Street in Princeton.

When Jacqueline Fay started Grit + Polish Nail and Skin Studio on Witherspoon Street in 2016, she was convinced locals wanted more than “nice nails.” Her inspiration was an article in the New York Times, “The Price of Nice Nails,” which told the story of exploited workers and unsanitary conditions in most American nail salons. She was convinced she could do better.

In her widely read blogpost, “Why a $25 is a Fair Price to Pay for a Manicure,” Jackie has described her approach to charging customers fairly so that she can also pay a living wage to her employees. She’s also written about the importance of cleanliness, which she delivers with hospital-grade sterilization equipment, air filtration, and pipe-less pedicure basins.

“We’re about a whole lot more than nice nails. We support our clients and employees on the inside and outside,” said owner Jackie Fay. “We promote health hands and feet, and our skin care services help treat a wide range of skin conditions, from acne to dehydration and signs of aging.”

Dry skin is an especially big risk during the winter due to the dry heat of indoor heating systems. Pedicures and facials help remove dry, flaking skin and return moisture to pores.

This time of year, the most popular services at Grit + Polish include:

• Seasonal Pedicure: A creamy Butter Brulee whole milk soak moisturizes and soothes tired feet, followed by an invigorating caffeine-infused whipped caramel body polish to take away all your rough edges. A supercharged organic pumpkin puree mud mask deep cleans and tingles. Finish with an Eco-fin treatment-a plant-based, petroleum-free alternative to paraffin that is a rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba, and organic coconut oils, plus shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils.

• Athletic Pedicure with CBD: A CBD eucalyptus & peppermint foot soak with essential minerals and aromatic essential oils, followed by exfoliation with a CBD infused sugar scrub. Legs and feet are massaged with pure CBD Body Massage Lotion and Pure CBD Foot Cream-a sole-soothing formula. Finish with CBD Relief Spray — a cooling combination of CBD, menthol, and camphor oil.

• Seasonal Manicure: This manicure features Farmhouse Fresh products, all free of Parabens and Sulfates. We begin with Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Scrub — it whips up with shea butter, sugar, and Arabica bean extract. Next, hands are painted in a whipped, organic pumpkin puree and nutrient mud mask. Finally, a gentle massage using Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion.

• Grit + Polish Signature Facial: A facial for all skin types, even the most sensitive, leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed with a healthy glow. The Signature Facial includes a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation with an enzyme mask, extractions to remove impurities and relaxing facial massage with complete hydration.

With Valentine’s day around the corner, consider a luxurious Seasonal or Athletic pedicure with your partner! Gift cards available.

Grit + Polish is located at 160 Witherspoon Street and open Tuesday through Saturdays. Appointments are recommended and can be made at www.gritandpolish.com or by calling 609-924-1549.

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