For almost four decades, Griggstown Farm has been raising all-natural, free range pheasants, quail, chickens, and, when in season, Mallard and Muscovy ducks, turkeys, and partridge, free from growth hormones and antibiotics, but big on taste.

Owners George and Joan Rude started with 12 quail in 1975 and have thoughtfully grown the business into a $4 million company. A Vietnam veteran who came home to live on the farm and worked in construction fell in love with farming and began his journey. He bought the farm in 1992, and in 2008 preserved 70 acres so that it could never be anything other than farmland.

“Everybody wants to know where their food comes from,” Rude said. “And you can see it happening right here. What started out as a small farm started to grow because my original partners knew American foodie pioneer James Beard. We sold mostly quail direct to his restaurants. Now it’s so much more.”

Few farms in New Jersey have a USDA-certified kitchen and a USDA-certified processing plant, and Griggstown Farm has both. Everything is processed on the premises to Rude’s exacting standards.

The store, Griggstown Farm Market, emerged in 2002 to make fresh and frozen poultry and game, along with select produce, available to a hungry public. When the kitchen opened in 2004, the line expanded to high-quality prepared foods including roasted chickens and pot pies.

“Those two items are our biggest sellers,” Rude added. “But we also offer fruit pies, poultry sausages, fresh soups and stews, and some specialty items like quail eggs. You can order almost everything online, but why not come out and visit?”

In addition to the bucolic farm and well-stocked market located in Princeton, consumers may find Griggstown Farm’s products in more than 50 farmers’ markets and retail shops across New Jersey, in parts of Pennsylvania, and in New York. The expansive list is available online at by clicking on “Where to Buy.” The fresh products may also be found on menus at more than 30 restaurants in the tri-state area.

“What makes us unique is we do it all: raise poultry and game, process it, and create delicious fresh and frozen items,” Rude noted. “These are the healthiest and freshest products available. They are truly going from our farm to your fork.”

In addition to feeding the community, Griggstown Farm is active locally and supports the efforts of the Franklin Food Bank, Bentley Community Services, and Farmers Against Hunger, to name a few.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Sunday noon to 5 p.m.

Griggstown Farm, 484 Bunkerhill Road, Princeton. 908-359-5218.

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