The Connor P. Casey Foundation for Autism (CPCFA) has presented the Eden Family of Services with a check for $25,000 from its fourth annual Blarney Benefit fundraiser. The money will be used to provide scholarships for children under the age of three who have been diagnosed with autism to receive additional early intervention therapy through Wawa House, a division Eden. Over the past four years, CPCFA has donated $100,000 toward Wawa House scholarships.

United Way of Greater Mercer County (UWGMC) had received a grant award of $339,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). This grant will support community impact work in a number of different areas, including preparing children for success in school, housing and feeding families in need, enabling older adults and those with disabilities to live more independently, and helping those most in need gain better access to quality health care.

This partnership grant funding enables UWGMC to fund more critical services in Mercer County, such as the Mobile Medical Van of St. Francis Medical Center, which provides health screenings, immunizations, medication, health education, and referral services to indigent and working poor people in their own neighborhoods. In addition, UWGMC is helping to fill the transportation gap by providing scholarships for free rides for low-income seniors and people with disabilities through the Greater Mercer ITN (Independent Transportation Network), a program of the Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association.

By focusing on the underlying causes of problems and engaging the community to work together on creating lasting changes that prevent those problems from happening in the first place, UWGMC is able to get results that no single organization can accomplish alone. The ongoing partnership between UWGMC and RWJF is a good example of how resources can be leveraged to produce greater impact in local communities.

UWGMC leverages contributions in several ways:

Through its annual drives.

Through staff leadership on various community groups that address critical issues like gangs, literacy, and transportation for seniors.

Through its management of county contracts, including emergency assistance and childcare vouchers.

Through its Gifts-in-Kind and First Book programs, which deliver free, in-kind clothing and books to families and children most in need.

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