#b#Telecom Firm Brings New Jobs To Dayton#/b#

Telamon, an Indiana-based telecommunications services company, announced on February 18 that it will move its Levittown, Pennsylvania, warehouse and distribution center to Corn Road in the Dayton area of South Brunswick. The company plans to bring 31 jobs to an area that has seen more than 500 lost in just the past few months.

Based in Carmel, Indiana, 35-year-old Telamon specializes in information technology hardware and software.

According to the state Economic Development Authority, Telamon is taking advantage of the Business Employment Incentive Program, which provides money to businesses that bring at least 25 jobs to the state, either by starting, expanding, or relocating to New Jersey.

Caren Franzini, EDA’s chief executive officer, said in a statement that Telamon’s move “shows that our state remains an attractive location for businesses that want to grow and succeed.” According to Erin Gold, spokeswoman for the EDA, Telamon will collect $102,079 over 10 years. The company has already hired 10 employees who are already working in South Brunswick, and is in the process of moving in, she said.

The company’s new location fits neatly into the industrial belt surrounding the New Jersey Turnpike in Middlesex County. It also fits as a member of a populous Asian-American community there. Telamon is considered one of the top Asian-owned employers in the country and has more than 500 employees at nine sites in the U.S. and China.

The move is good news for an area that has been losing jobs for the better part of a year. In November Dow Jones packed up 76 employees from its Ridge Road newspaper printing center as part of a national consolidation for that company. Worse news from the same month was Pfizer’s decision to close the 425-person Fort Dodge facility on Ridge Road as part of its restructuring in the wake of acquiring Wyeth Pharmaceuticals; and an undisclosed number of jobs at pharma giant Johnson & Johnson are expected to be cut in New Brunswick as part of a massive national downsizing.

The site is near the Exit 8A industrial submarket that has taken a beating in recent months, and is struggling through a vacancy rate of nearly 30 percent.

#b#Telamon#/b#, 2 Corn Road, Dayton 08810; 732-356-0730. Stephanie Furhmann, president. Home page: www.telamon-corp.com

#b#Stimulus Grant Adds Two Jobs, Maybe More#/b#

Artann, a medical research company specializing in prostate issues, has added two positions and plans at least two more, an expansion fueled by $193,000 in federal stimulus money that the company received in the fall. The firm now employs 14.

News of the new jobs was part of a statement made by U.S. Representative Rush Holt (D-Plainsboro) on the one-year anniversary of the federal Reinvestment and Recovery Act, on February 17. Holt held Artann up as evidence that the controversial act is generating small business growth, as it intended. Holt was a major backer of the act, which has become a focal point in the debate over how to pull the United States out of a wide-reaching recession.

#b#Artann Laboratories#/b#, 1459 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing 08618; 609-883-0100; fax, 609-883-2522. Tatyana Sarvazyan, president. www.artannlabs.com

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