In response to the letter from Sue Parcheggio of Princeton in the April 29 edition:

West Windsor Parking Authority should be ashamed of themselves. I too had a similar situation, attempting to get the same early morning train into New York City in the darkness of night. I dutifully put my $5 token into the parking kiosk, entering my parking spot number.

Upon returning to my car that evening, I found a violation notice. I took a picture of my car in that spot which I had paid for, and thankfully had saved my receipt. I took a half day off from work to go to the Parking Authority, armed with my cell phone picture of my car in the spot, and my receipt in hand.

Their “investigation” revealed that due to the snow the preceding evening, and the ice that had accumulated in the wee hours of that morning, the show had covered the last digit of my space number. What I had read as a 3, due to snow cover, was actually an 8, and thus the fine. Really: Isn’t the purpose to insure that payment is made in order to park in the lot? I too was given the opportunity to take another vacation day and come to court, with the prospect of court costs. With all adjoining spots covered with snow and ice, what a windfall of profits that day must have been. Hopefully at least a part of that money was used to buy snow removal equipment.

Barbra Martin


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