Gossiping Gus, I can’t believe his twisted mind.

He looks for those who desire a story,

And leave the rest behind.

He’s relentless with news about guns, killing and divorce,

Soliciting drugs and trying to uphold the law by force.

Black and white, no bias does he show.

What you could never conjure up, he’ll be the first to know.

He revels in disaster, tragedy, and foolish pride.

If you do not really know him, he could “take you for a ride”.

Pundit of confusion, fire raging in his eyes,

Expelling stories about titanic flames reaching toward the skies.

Prostitutes will not escape him, nor the death of Uncle Tim.

His “cup of conversation” always filled right to the brim.

You could get along without him, but you’d probably rather not.

For he’s up on current events at every local happening spot.

Blinding men and women, both alike, with an intoxicating voice.

Will you read tomorrow’s paper? — For you know, it is a choice.

Verduci is a graduate of Notre Dame High School and the College of New Jersey, where she earned a bachelor’s in elementary education and master’s in English as a second language.

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