In the old folks’ home
There was a telephone,
And a walk-in bathtub,
And a framed print of
“Dogs Playing Poker,”

And there were crocheted squares
Draped on chairs,

And bottles of pills
For all types of ills,

Packets of Poligrip,
Bengay for a painful hip,

Dr. Scholl’s inserts for comfortable feet,
And Depends products, to be discreet,

And a cranky old lady who tells her husband to “hush”.

“Goodnight Norm!

“Goodnight bunions,

“Goodnight dogs playing poker,

“Goodnight pills
For so many ills,

“Goodnight crocheted squares
Draped on chairs,

“I really hate this Poligrip, and
Where’s the Bengay for my creaky hip?

“Good night support hose
That don’t warm cold toes,

“Goodnight arthritis—yes, it’s going to rain,
I can tell by this constant pain.

“Goodnight false teeth and bifocal glasses
My favorite wig and fake eyelashes.”

“Goodnight already!” my husband peeps;
“What?” I ask, but he’s fast asleep.

Martin writes humorous, mystery, and romance fiction, as well as children’s picture books. She’s a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She loves the shops of Princeton, especially the Cloak & Dagger book store.

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