Interest rates remain at historic lows and there’s money to lend, according to Arlington Capital Mortgage’s Jennifer Hayden.

A full-service mortgage company, Arlington Capital Mortgage has been providing loans for home purchase, refinancing, and reverse mortgages for 22 years. It remains one of Mercer County’s largest direct residential lenders.

"I pride myself on the number of repeat customers and referrals we get here," Hayden said. "In fact, my husband and I were repeat customers even before I came to work here in 2008."

The enduring local presence means Hayden and her colleagues know their customers. When customers call they get a friendly and familiar voice; they are not shipped to "offshore" help lines at Arlington Capital Mortgage.

"When customers call my number, they get me," she added. "And I get the chance to help them, perhaps even if other lenders have said ‘no.’"

There’s no "rubber stamp" at Arlington Capital Mortgage. As the economy and the American public continue to emerge from the credit crisis, customers are finding Hayden and Arlington Capital Mortgage ready and willing to explore personal and job history to determine an individual’s mortgage worthiness.

Not only is the economy starting to percolate, but so are Arlington Capital Mortgage and Hayden. Hayden reports requests for pre-approvals are coming in faster than anyone can recall, as are new programs like 90 percent jumbo financing in Mercer County.

"Even if you’re not at the top of the easily approved list, I want to talk to you," she noted. "I’m willing to talk to employers, get references, and better understand a person. I don’t just say ‘no’ on face value. Many people have had to take lower-paying jobs after the crash, but they still are working. I want to explore it all. That’s a relationship. That’s why customers come back."

Hayden has a rich history in lending, spending the majority of her career in securities-based lending with Merrill Lynch. While she enjoyed her time in New York City, once she married noted architect Max Hayden and had two wonderful children she started looking for the perfect situation so she could be there for her kids: flexible hours, close to the schools, a challenging position, and being paid based on successfully helping clients. She’s found all that and more with Arlington Capital Mortgage.

"This really is the perfect fit, and being in downtown Princeton makes me accessible to my clients," Hayden said.

Learn more by contacting Hayden at 609-945-7510. See display ad on page 20.

Arlington Capital Mortgage. 33 Witherspoon Street, Princeton. 609-945-7510.

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