Proper nutrition and exercise is key to achieving goals. Don’t be fooled by the miracle pills that claim to make you lose weight and products that supposedly make you faster and stronger.

We are surrounded by it every day; advertisements for products that guarantee massive weight loss by but just taking some sort of pill, or home delivery food services that promise luxurious meals that are supposed to make you drop pant sizes. We are saturated by news reports of the obesity levels in adults and children alike yet we continue to indulge in the fatty, processed foods that are quick and convenient to buy. We hear of people taking short cuts such as steroid use to get bigger, stronger, and faster which almost always leads to disaster. In today’s world, we are always on the go and just want a “quick fix” and are willing to do crash diets or some form of extreme weight loss over a short period of time.

The only proven way, over the long haul, to live a healthier and longer life is by proper nutrition and exercise. At Gold’s gym Lawrenceville, we thrive on the success stories of our thousands of members. We create a friendly, social atmosphere that allows our members to escape from the stresses of their day. We are here to serve you and make sure you are getting the most out of your valuable time. We are here to provide you with the necessary equipment, programs, and staff so you can look, and most important, feel your best.

Here is just a glimpse of what Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville has to offer you and your family:

Personal Training. Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville is staffed with over a dozen knowledgeable nationally Certified Personal Trainers that specialize in whatever your workout goals entail. Everyone has a fitness goal, which could be losing those 10 pesky pounds to taking time off your mile run. Our staffs will work around your busy schedule and present you with a wide range of options from resistance and cardio to everything in between.

Performance Training. The Gold’s Gym Performance Training Center offers many types of programs to meet the needs of every athlete who wants to take their game to the next level, including sport-specific training facilitated by quality certified coaches. Our trainers motivate individuals to achieve success in life and athletics by promoting total body development, physical fitness, and nutrition. The Program focuses on the fundamentals of speed and agility by stressing speed development, body weight strength training, endurance, flexibility and balance. These programs are offered in private, semi-private, team and multi-team training sessions. The Performance Training Center also runs baseball and softball camps that cover all aspects of the game for both advanced and beginner baseball and softball players. You are guaranteed improvement on your basic baseball skills such as fielding, throwing, hitting, catching and pitching.

Mixed Martial Arts Programs. Our MMA program covers punching, kicking, and clinching. Students who enroll in our MMA program are entitled and required to take all Muay Thai and Submission Grappling classes, conditioning classes and MMA classes. Other classes featured in our boxing room are: Boot Camp Fitness, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Wrestling.

Aquatics. The Gold’s Gym Aquaculture Program officially launches Aquatic Exercise Classes and Adult Group Swim lessons. The program features AquaAttack, AquaPump and AquaFlow. The Introduction to Swimming lesson targets beginner swimmers who want to learn the ropes in the pool. Each lesson meets once a week for four weeks.

There is no miracle drug. It is through the patience and dedication of our members to take the proper steps that are necessary to make changes in their lives. Changing your lifestyle is the way to success. Let Gold’s Gym provide you with the tools you need to live a longer, healthier life.

Visit for more detailed information about the programs we offer. Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville. Change Your Body. Change Your Life.

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