The needs, problems, and questions of a business owner with a one-person office or home office are often different than from those of a larger business, says Linda Dousis, the founder of the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) special interest group within the Somerset County Business Partnership.

The next free meeting of the group will be Wednesday, July 13, at 9 a.m. at the Somerset Business Partnership offices in Bridgewater. Call 908-218-4300. The July meeting will be a social event. The SOHO group is “not a networking group or a one-business-only group,” says Dousis. “We accept everyone.” Networking and referrals happen, of course, but the main focus of the group is education and support, she says.

Because she has owned and managed businesses of all sizes, Dousis has a real understanding of the different issues faced by the smallest of small business owners. Dousis opened her current business, Administrative Services and Consulting in Hillsborough, in 2006. She performs bookkeeping services for about 170 clients.

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