According to Trip Savvy, 99 percent of newlyweds go on a honeymoon and most will choose a foreign destination, including Mexico, the Bahamas, Italy, St. Lucia, and France. While honeymoons are usually an exciting part of the often-stressful wedding planning process, couples should prepare for travel emergencies, which can unfortunately occur anytime and sometimes ruin the start of a couple’s married life.

Securing proper emergency assistance should be a priority when planning your honeymoon. Global Travel Plus offers a robust travel assistance program that includes medical evacuations and repatriations, medical referrals, foreign hospital admission assistance, and much more. Here are three things you can expect when enrolling in the Global Travel Plus program.

1. Enjoy Any Activities with Peace of Mind. While other travel insurance and assistance companies have exclusions on the types of activities covered, Global Travel Plus has none! From jet skiing to ziplining, don’t be afraid to enjoy adventurous hobbies during your honeymoon. Likewise, there’s no exclusions for alcohol consumption. We know honeymoons call for a few celebratory drinks and we wouldn’t want you to have it any other way!

Last year Global Travel Plus assisted Leslie* and John*, a couple honeymooning in The Bahamas. During a quad-riding tour, they got into an accident and suffered serious injuries. They were transported to a local clinic that was not capable of treating their injuries. Global Travel Plus paid for their medical evacuation via air ambulance to a hospital in Miami. Once cleared for travel, Global Travel Plus stepped in again and arranged their repatriation back home on a first-class flight with a medical escort.

2. Avoid Hefty Transportation Bills. While many companies will not cover evacuations and repatriations over a certain amount, Global Travel Plus has no financial limit, ensuring travelers don’t have to spend a dime for their medical transportation arrangements.

Evacuations and repatriations can quickly cost well above $30,000. Imagine the financial burden you would be left with at the start of your new married life should you need to be medically evacuated during your honeymoon. In Leslie and John’s case, investing a couple of hundred dollars in Global Travel Plus allowed them to avoid coming home from their honeymoon with enormous debts.

3. Access to Qualified Care Anywhere in the World. Access to qualified medical care when traveling internationally is not a given. It is important to have a back-up plan should you get sick or injured during your honeymoon. With a database of more than 18,000 vetted medical providers, Global Travel Plus helps travelers locate qualified, western-trained, and English-speaking physicians.

Sometimes, hospitals may withhold treatment until they receive a guarantee or advance of payment. Global Travel Plus can ensure prompt treatment by working with your health insurance and even advancing funds. Should there be no qualified providers nearby, Global Travel Plus will arrange for your evacuation to the nearest qualified facility.

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