Choosing plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures to restore a more youthful appearance is a major life decision for many individuals. Choosing an experienced plastic surgeon to achieve results that are attractive and natural is critically important.

Dr. Mark Glasgold, a board-certified plastic surgeon with offices in Princeton and Highland Park, understands the concerns of patients who come to his practice with a desire for facial rejuvenation and a need for guidance in making an informed choice.

He shares a well known and widely respected facial plastic surgery practice with his father, Dr. Alvin Glasgold, and his brother, Dr. Robert Glasgold. "Dr. Mark," as patients call him, specializes in surgery for the aging face; Alvin specializes in rhinoplasty; and Robert does both. The practice also specializes in injectables. Dr. Mark Glasgold is a recognized expert among his peers in fat transfer.

Having done more than 1,000 facelifts and cosmetic procedures in more than 15 years of practice, Dr. Mark Glasgold brings an aesthetic appreciation for the face as well as his surgical expertise to his patients.

His goal is not to focus on, or "sell," a specific procedure, but to recommend the right procedure to achieve a natural, youthful, and attractive result for the individual patient.

"There are alternatives, and the conversation becomes about potential risks and benefits of the procedure, its durability and naturalness of the result," says Dr. Glasgold.

He explains that our view of our own faces is usually different from what others see.

"The world doesn’t see the front of your face in a magnifying mirror, with huge smile lines and prominent wrinkles," he says. "Others see you from a conversational distance and at all kinds of angles, which is a very different view. My job is to reconcile what you see in the mirror and what I’m seeing as a very sophisticated observer."

Dr. Glasgold queries his patients about the results they are seeking and whether they are considering surgical or nonsurgical options. He discusses potential approaches with them and explains how each will work. Importantly, patients should understand what to expect, both in recovery and in results from any procedure.

"Patients often focus on the procedure, but ultimately, the results will be the most important aspect of their choice," Dr. Glasgold says. "You want other people to say ‘you look great,’ or ‘you look rested’ afterwards, not ‘what did you do?’"

Ultimately, it’s not the procedure that matters as much as the result it achieves. "It is doing the right procedure on the right person that produces a result that looks natural."

Dr. Glasgold graduated from the Thomas Jefferson Medical School and completed a residency at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in head and neck surgery. He is on staff at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and University Medical Center at Princeton.

"We have always focused on patient satisfaction and achieving natural results," he says. "Good plastic surgery is about understanding what we are trying to achieve and having the experience to apply the techniques appropriately."

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