Once again U.S. 1 finds itself at the crossroads of personal business and business business. This time it’s helping working parents solve the annual dilemma of what to do with the kids when school is out for the summer.

This year we headlined the article with a reference to another parental challenge: Where to send the kid to college and how to help him or her get admitted to the school (or at least one of the schools) of their choice. But that subject is only referenced in the article and substantial summer camp listings that begin on page 14 of this issue.

This week’s issue is focused on the camps that can give your child a taste of the college campus experience, as well as get him off the couch during the summer vacation. Careful readers of the listings will note that Monday, June 25, is the kick-off day for many camps. And that means that lots of working parents will face a secondary dilemma — making childcare arrangements for the week or so between the time school gets out and when camp begins.

Of course working parents don’t have to wait until summer to face childcare challenges. As the recent snow days illustrate, parents in the workplace face special challenges. If anyone has any clever ideas for coping with a 90-minute delayed opening, or a 1 p.m. early dismissal, we are again all ears.

Directory Deadlines

Soon most of the companies that will be listed in the 2007-08 U.S. 1 Business Directory will hear from us. On Tuesday, February 20, we mailed nearly 900 letters to companies without fax numbers. This week we are sending out more than 5,000 faxes — all intended to give you the opportunity to correct and update the information about your company that will appear in the Business Directory.

As always we urge you to print large and legibly. If you know people have difficulties reading your handwriting, fax us or mail us the corrections typed on a separate sheet.

If your company has not heard from us by March 1, chances are either a.) that we categorize you as a retail, dining, or health and fitness provider, or b.) that we just don’t know about you.

If that’s the case and you want to be listed, just mail or fax (609-452-0033) or E-mail (info@princetoninfo.com) your company’s particulars.


A February 14 article on the projected move of Computer Associates to an Opus East property in Ewing misstated the amount spent on refurbishing the 23 Orchard Road now occupied by Computer Associates and Blessing White.

The owners, JER Partners and Herring Management, spent $3 million — not $300 million, as we had written — on the 238,000 square-foot building, adding, for instance, a glass atrium with a water feature and cafe seating area and a walnut and glass elevator.

Jonathan Meisel of Jones Lang LaSalle will host an open house for the building on Friday, February 23, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call 973-404-1475 for information.

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