Now you can do your sun salutations and meet the universe halfway for a lot less. YogaAbove on Nassau Street is moving to a donation based system for all classes beginning Sunday, June 28.

“Yoga is not a business and should not be treated as one,” says owner Michael Cremone. “When it is, the intention and spirit is lost. Yoga is about being connected to something larger than ourselves that we are all part of. It is about community, hugging instead of shaking hands, cooking not just eating. It is about eradicating the things that separate us all, yet respecting the differences between us. It is all so much more than the physical practice, yet the physical practice connects it all together.

“In a time when yoga is very popular, yoga seems to have a dollar figure associated with it. YogaAbove would like to offer yoga to everyone regardless of their economic limitations. Yoga is meant to release and open the mind, not the wallet.”

The suggested donation is $12 per class (except Buddhist meditation, which is $10), but if that is not possible, yogis can contribute whatever they can. YogaAbove kicks off the donation system on Sunday, June 28, with “A Day Above,” a day of celebration and classes. For a full schedule visit

A Day Above, Yoga Above, 80 Nassau Street, Princeton. Sunday, June 28, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sun salutations, meditation, open flow, acro yoga, Phoenix Rising demonstration, Buddhism, Feldenkrais demonstration, and gentle yoga. Donations invited. 609-613-1378 or

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