Working mother of two and successful business woman, Jennifer Hayden knows a thing or two about keeping business local and focused on her clients. Starting as a securities-based lender with Merrill Lynch, the world’s largest brokerage firm, more than a decade ago provided the budding entrepreneur with the experience necessary to succeed as a loan originator during one of the toughest economic eras of our time.

Shortly after her son Max was born, Jennifer made a brave decision to leave her secure position at Merrill Lynch to reprioritize the balance of work and family life. A short 18 months later, Jennifer and her husband Max, a local architect, were blessed with a beautiful baby girl Caroline.

“My family is everything to me, and this resonates in the service I provide to my clients. Mortgages are a part of life stages. People don’t necessarily need a mortgage — they need what a mortgage can provide in the sense of home and security.”

In April 2008 Jennifer reentered the workforce as a mortgage loan originator for Gateway Funding. Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services, L.P. is a full service mortgage banker offering a diverse product portfolio. Committed to helping borrowers achieve the dream of home ownership, Jennifer recognizes the challenges borrowers face today, and is determined to find the best possible solution to match each client’s unique financial need.

“Getting a mortgage can be a difficult process. I pride myself on providing the information, guidance and personalized service clients need to make this important decision. I know my clients by name, not by their loan number, and this is what sets me apart from large impersonal lenders.”

Lending is an intimate experience mandating the utmost level of trust between the customer and the lender. In Jennifer’s experience she has found that lending works best on a local level and with institutions that operate within the confines of a brick and mortar storefront. The Princeton, NJ, Gateway Funding branch has provided this opportunity showcasing Jennifer’s expertise in offering mortgage services, debt consolidation, refinance, and a variety of other lending services while allowing her to serve those in the community she lives in and loves on a personal level.

The moment a mortgage stops being seen as a cost, and is seen as an investment, is the very moment the client realizes the value in the purchase. At its core, a mortgage is an investment opportunity. In fact, it’s an investment the purchaser controls. Mortgages can be effectively tailored to lifestyle, and customized to achieve very specific goals. It’s an opportunity to strengthen financial position, grow value, save money, and make money. Whether it’s a first home, new construction, refinance or that dream house — think it through with Jennifer and Gateway, a lender you can trust.

Gateway Funding, 33 Witherspoon Street, Princeton. 609-945-7510. See ad, page 21.

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