Here is my public service notice to my friends in Princeton on Wednesday, July 11: this afternoon I stopped at the Sunoco gas station at Route 1 and Harrison Street. I had been attracted to the price of $2.89 per gallon while every other station I passed was advertising gas at closer to $2.99 and above.

More importantly, at the Sunoco there was no additional charge of 5 to 8 cents per gallon if one used a credit card instead of cash. Again, every other station I passed between Princeton and Ewing charged the additional fee for using a credit card.

The pleasant gas station attendant remarked that charging the extra fee was not very fair (I think he called it “disgraceful”) because he believed it was unjustified and merely an attempt to squeeze more money from the consumer.

He seemed quite proud that Sunoco gasoline is the NASCAR choice for its cars because, he stated, the quality is superior and the price right. When I asked him about the use of the term “quality,” the service attendant said that other companies water down their product to charge a few cents less.

Of course, I was appalled. So I am sharing this information with readers who, though they may not save a significant amount, will hopefully feel proud that there are still some good companies who care about the customer, as well as their profit, and want to honor them with their business.

In these days of rising prices and declining corporate taxes we need to set the record straight, not only with the gas companies but with all companies: If you cheat us, we are watching. And we can easily drive down the road to another gas station or shop at another store.

— Libby Zinman Schwartz, Princeton

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