The number one complaint of individuals who don’t exercise or work out is that they just can’t find the time. Fusion Fitness Systems brings fitness in the form of group classes to businesses and communities by providing classes given by certified instructors right at the business site.

Founded by Joyce Musacchia and Ann Novak, Fusion Fitness Systems offers a full range of exercise programs both during the lunch hour and after work. “Everything is done in a non-threatening, fun atmosphere with the goal of promoting life-long wellness,” explains Musacchia. The various classes include ZUMBAr, Boot Camp, Cardio Blast, Pilates, and Yoga. Both men and women are welcome in the classes.

“Our classes are designed for maximal calorie burning and total body sculpting.” She adds, “With summer right around the corner, participating in a Fusion Fitness Systems program will help you get fit in just a few weeks. Making it easy for people to stay fit is the goal of the program.” “So many working people have stationary jobs; they sit at a desk all day, get in a car and drive home, and never take the time out to exercise,” says Novak.

Bringing the classes to the workplace makes it easier and more convenient for most people to stay in shape. “We find that people are much more likely to exercise when they can change their clothes at work, do their workout and head right home. It takes out that extra step of going home to change and then never finding the time or energy to get back out to the gym,” she explains. “Our goal is to ensure that the services and programs FFS provides continue to meet the needs of its members by offering the most stimulating and upbeat group fitness classes.”

In addition, she points out, studies show that companies who invest in a Wellness Program have higher productivity, loyalty, and morale and decreases in sick time amongst employees. The benefits of a corporate fitness program include reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, reduced medical claims, improved employee health practices and behavior and reduced employee turnover.

The group classes are a way for participants to get a great workout and get more out of their training. “Our fitness classes provide the instruction and motivation for employees to increase cardiovascular performance, increase energy, enhance strength, reduce stress, and enjoy it!” says Musacchia.

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