Fusion Academy is an accredited private school that creates a unique experience for each student, personalizing the curriculum to help them succeed. All of our classes are one-to-one, which means one student and one teacher per classroom, and we offer customized scheduling to fit a student’s lifestyle.

Students come to Fusion for many reasons. Some are looking for an accredited full-time school that is more personalized than their traditional middle or high school. Others are looking to take single classes for credit to remediate or accelerate their learning.

We offer rolling enrollment, so students can start at any time of the year, even mid-semester or in the summer. Our campus is open beyond traditional school hours, so students may supplement their current education by joining us after school for a course, tutoring/mentoring, or Post-Secondary services.

Curriculum. From algebra to yoga and everything in between, Fusion offers over 250 middle and high school courses, all of which meet state standards. Fusion teachers have also created classes for students if there is something students would like to learn that isn’t available in their catalog, while still adhering to state standards. We have Homework Cafés at all of our campuses, so students can work on homework between classes while receiving support from teachers and staff on their projects.

Creative expression is at the core of Fusion, as we understand the pivotal role it plays in students’ well-being. We offer a robust roster of elective classes like DJ Performing Arts, Graphic Design, Music Theory, Vocal Fundamentals, Recording Arts, Studio Art, Digital Photography, Film Studies, and more. Our campus includes a state-of-the-art recording studio and a mixed-media art studio for students to explore their creativity or add to their portfolio.

Post-Secondary. We have a dedicated Post-Secondary Counselor to help students navigate the often-confusing post-high school journey. They can assist with all aspects of the college selection and application process, and help students build confidence to pursue their path.

Many students also join us during the summer to catch up from a previous semester, get ahead before the fall, or to try something completely new. All our offerings are available in the summer, so students can build a schedule that works for them, and around their summer plans (as availability allows).

Visit Our Campus. At Fusion, we know making a school decision is not easy, and we want you to find the best possible school for your child and your family. We would love to learn more about your story and to see if Fusion could be the right fit for your student.

Schedule a personal tour with us by visiting FusionPrinceton.com or call 609-919-9193.

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