Andor Orand can find find art in the unlikeliest places. He says the image at right “emerged from a Tokamak plasma in a fusion test Reactor at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL). It has accidental similarity with the Kanji character for human being. This machine operated between 1982 until 1997 at PPPL. From 1985 until its demise in 1997, I recorded sounds and images of this reactor on periodic visits as ‘artist-interloper’ orbiting the lab. Today the lab has a new test reactor in operation, National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX). I also used some of these more recent images in my work.”

“No Vacancy,” an exhibit of the German-born Princeton resident’s work opens on Friday, October 17, at the Gemma Art Foundation , 10 Bayard Lane. According to a press statement, his work “draws on computer graphics, video, sound, text, and live participation, and concerns the relationship of art, science, and technology, and the dynamic tensions between technological and traditional ethnic culture.”

The show also includes his “Variations on Red, White & Blue,” a series of transfigurations of the American flag, using hieroglyphs fromdifferent cultures that convey ideas of vacancy. This project grew from embellishments and distortions of international currency. “These instruments and symbols are so familiar and sacred, their functions have become calcified,” says Orand.

Finally, the artist will conduct an ongoing performance called Stamp Act: The Art of Selling Nothing for Something. “It deals with time/money, spirit/matter, and idea/stuff exhchange modalities to highlight the paradox of converting ideas and concepts into matmatter or moeny,” says the artist. He invites viewers to have their own money stamped “void” and signed for a fee, thereby rendering the bills “notdvoid ofworth, but timeless and priceless as limited-edition art objects.”

“No Vacancy,” Friday and Saturday, October 17 and 18, 5 p.m., and Sunday, October 19, 4 p.m., Gemma Art Foundation, 10 Bayard Lane, at the intersection of Route 206. Opening receptions for exhibit by Andor Orand of recent works from vacuum science, plasma transformations, collision events, and “Pursuit of Emptiness,” “MoneyArt,” and “Stamp Act.” Audience participation encouraged. Children are welcome. On view through Tuesday, October 21. Monday and Tuesday by appointment. Parking is available at the municipal lot and Boudinot Street. 609-902-0330.

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