Located at Cross Creek Farm in Hopewell, just minutes from Princeton, Functional Fitness Studio offers personal attention from experienced professionals in a private studio that features Pilates, spinning®, functional personal training, weight management, yoga and massage. You may even choose the music (or peaceful silence) and lighting that feels best to you. A punch card and reservation system limits class size while allowing you to attend any class you like and be assured of a spot, while not wasting money when you cannot attend.

"Functional" training is based on the philosophy that all systems of the human body operate most efficiently when the body is in a state of balance provided by a functionally operating musculo-skeletal system. When we train functionally, we think of training movements, not specific muscles – of integrating, not isolating. For example, exercises such as machine knee extensions, leg curls, bicep curls, and triceps extensions are considered isolation exercises performed in one plane of movement and are the furthest thing away from functional. Consider this: you don’t carry a heavy package or lift a grocery bag from the car while sitting on a bench. Why would you train your body to do it that way?

Functional training reduces injury through exercise progressions that will increase strength, flexibility and neuromuscular potential for specific, commonly-used movement patterns. Anyone at any age can benefit from this approach to health. Good examples of functional training are core training exercises, stability ball work, or Pilates.

Dorothy Ames, owner of Functional Fitness Studio, has been part of the wellness industry for more than 25 years as a national-level competitor, an instructor, and a private trainer. She has also served as a manager in both for-profit and not-for-profit wellness centers. Her vast experience includes functional training, balance and stability training, Pilates, clinical rehabilitation of injuries and movement disorders, movement and dance therapy, women’s wellness, and lifestyle weight management. Her certifications include National Academy of Sports Medicine, multiple certifications with the American Council on Exercise, AARP, Pilates mat and equipment, Spinning®, and group rowing. With a BA degree in Music and English from Wesleyan University, Dorothy is also completing a Master’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Creative Movement Therapy.

The mission of this unique fitness studio is to promote holistic fitness and wellness by providing a safe and relaxing setting in which to work with experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Using specific training and bodywork principles, they help to build strength, alleviate pain, reduce anxiety and tension, prevent injury and rehabilitate old patterns that limit movement and growth. They pride themselves on putting their customer first by maintaining a quality service-driven environment tailored to each customer’s fitness and lifestyle needs. See display ad on page 25.

Functional Fitness Studio at Cross Creek Farm, 67 Harbourton-Mount Airy Road, Hopewell. Dorothy Ames, owner. 609-477-9407. Fax: 609-737-7108. E-mail: dorothy@funfitnj.com. www.funfitnj.com.

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