If your biggest concern during this winter season has been whether or not you are going to make it to the office on time while navigating snowy roads, then you may wonder why U.S.1 is running a cover story on summer camps in the middle of winter.

But if your concerns also include what to do with the children when school has been closed or has a delayed opening or — worse yet — how to adjust to an early school dismissal, then you know why advance planning for summer activities is so important.

This year’s story is accompanied by a comprehensive set of camp listings edited by Lynn Miller. If your camp has been omitted or if details have changed since we last communicated, then please help us update our information. E-mail lmiller@princetoninfo.com or call 609-452-7000.

#b#To the Editor: Neither Snow Nor . . .#/b#

I work at Primera Analytical Solutions at 259 Wall Street. Most businesses in Research Park were closed on Thursday, February 13, due to the major snow fall. But we were open for business, and to my pleasant surprise the U.S. mail arrived on time in spite of snow covered road.

My thanks to the U.S. Postal Service. Its prompt delivery and dedication made major contributions to our success and that of other businesses.

Shinta Liauw

U.S. 1 joins in the salute to the mail carriers who have faithfully delivered to our offices on Roszel Road during this long winter. We also thank our deliverers, who have encountered their share of challenges on their Wednesday rounds, including treacherous sidewalks.

#b#Telemarketers Face New Regs#/b#

Unwanted telemarketing calls at home almost stopped thanks to Do Not Call laws championed by AARP and bipartisan legislative leaders. Unfortunately, third party energy suppliers virtually ignored the law in recent years, hassling New Jerseyans and often painting confusing if not outright misleading claims about their services and savings. Too many AARP members and others have been bombarded with unsolicited calls from third party energy suppliers.

Thankfully, a new bill sponsored by Assemblyman Dan Benson and Senator Linda Greenstein garnered bipartisan support of legislators and Governor Christie. These suppliers will now be limited to one unsolicited advertising call each year to potential residential customers with whom they have no business relationship. Companies that violate this law will now be subject to substantial fines..

Sy Larson

Past State President, AARP New Jersey


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