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Alexander Kanevsky MD began his career in medicine as a surgical oncologist after graduating from medical school in 1983.

Recognizing the limitations stemming from gaps in the understanding of how the human body functions as a whole, despite the details, intricacies, and complexity of modern medicine, Dr. Kanevsky spent years perplexed, frustrated, and seeking an answer. He found it in the miraculous healing of fulminant pneumonia with one session of therapeutic massage and healing of terminal cancer with one year of herbal therapy.

From then on, 26-year-old Dr. Kanevsky knew his cause: moving on from the practice of surgical oncology, he began practicing with herbs, massage, and manual reconstruction of the spinal column, a technique he had learned from renowned masters and further developed himself.

In 1988 Dr. Kanevsky opened one of the first Centers of Eastern Medicine in the western hemisphere in Moscow, and he invited physicians from China, India, and Tibet there to teach western doctors.

By 1990 Dr. Kanevsky had founded his own system of medicine that integrated what he regarded as the most effective theories, techniques, and modalities that he had learned and proved in practice.

Dr. Kanevsky has since founded six satellites of his center all over the world and has taught western and eastern physicians his system through clinical presentations in Armenia, Georgia, Estonia, Austria, India, China, Japan, New Zealand, the United States, England, and Russia.

During a lecture at Robert Wood Johnson University, Dr. Kanevsky correctly diagnosed his whole audience from the stage where he stood, bringing people to their feet in ecstasy, convinced they had witnessed a miracle.

His audience at the Kyoto Centre of Shiatsu bowed in respect following a presentation of his manual techniques on the human body.

Dr. Kanevsky, who is also trained in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, served nine years as psychiatric consultant to the state of Connecticut, and his ideas on the respiritualization of society and restoration of its health earned public appreciation during his run for governor in Connecticut in 2006.

Dr. Kanevsky is also a well respected teacher of martial arts, specializing in Kung Fu, and a dedicated proponent and instructor of Yoga, Chi Gong, and meditation. He was the only foreigner allowed to live and practice Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Qi Gong, herbs, and acupoints within the legendary Shaolin Temple of China. He is also world renowned artist and published author.

Dr. Kanevsky’s profound knowledge and experience allows him to treat diseases such as cancer, lupus, autism, coma, and Alzheimer’s, which are considered incurable.

Dr. Kanevsky now practices in Plainsboro and Philadelphia.

Alexander Kanevsky MD specializes in natural integrative medicine, traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Western medicine, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis. To learn more about Dr. Kanevsky and his practice visit www.DrAlexanderKanevskyMDNaturalHealer.com or call 609-613-0225.

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