ree Lunch Rap

Whoever said

There is no such thing as a free lunch,

I have a hunch,

Did not work at a university,

Or live in close proximity.

Come one come all,

For complimentary vittles, yah’ll.

You just have to know

Where to go.

Where’s there’s speaking,

Is where’s there’s eating.

On any given day

The Wilson School will pay

For a spread fit for a king,

Or queen or foreign dingaling.

When the black cars line up,

It’s the sign it’s time to sup.

And if those digs ain’t good enough,

Head to Murray Dodge and tough

It out with the Meditation lunch crowd.

(Where at least it’s not loud)

If tofu wraps makes you gag

Then grab an E-quad sandwich bag.

The Friend Center opens its doors

To hungry local entrepreneurs.

Literati can quaff tea and tarts

At the Lewis Center for the Arts.

Still famished? Well there’s MacLean House.

Tigers never walk away hungry.

(Just occasionally soused.)

Old Nassau you bounty of cuisine

Even if the Dinky and Wawa go

We’ll never be lean.

— Wendell Wood Collins

Wendell Wood Collins is director of corporate relations at Princeton University’s Bendheim Center for Finance. She lives with her daughters in Pennington.

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