When matrimonial issues arise, the world seems to come apart at the seams. Friends act oddly and the stress on the family is intense. At a time like this, the last thing needed is the feeling that you are alone and that you are just one more case to a big corporate law firm.

For this reason, Attorney Georgia Fraser opened her solo practice in 300 Carnegie Center on Route 1. “Having practiced in New Jersey for nearly 20 years, I have experienced the inflexibility and remoteness of large firms. Clients often come to me because they feel cut off from the lawyer they thought they hired. They only see an associate or paralegal and often realize that when they do get to court, the partner is only marginally aware of the details of their case.”

“I firmly believe that divorce, custody and parenting time, and other relationship issues can be resolved efficiently and effectively with sensitivity and caring representation. Each case is unique and the service an attorney needs to provide must be highly personalized. Decisions cannot be made based on how much of the retainer remains,” Fraser states. “I am invested in my clients for the long term.”

“My extensive experience has given me insight into the real-life workings of the court system and taught me the pitfalls that lurk for the hasty. I want my clients to have the plain, unvarnished truth about the likelihood of success. Litigation is expensive; there’s no two ways about it. Mediation and well-planned settlements save anguish and family resources. Lives do not need to implode. Sound strategy works.”

Fraser’s practice covers a wide range of cases; primarily concentrating on divorce, custody and parenting time, post-judgment, and domestic violence cases. “Additional heartache can arise when, years after a divorce, situations change: children go to college, one of the parties retires, or one party refuses to comply. You want your lawyer to be there for you long after a judgment is entered.”

Fraser was counsel on one of the leading palimony cases in New Jersey. A certified mediator, she is also collaboratively trained and committed to helping achieve the best settlements possible. Experienced in cases addressing complex custody and parenting time issues, such as interstate and international custody disputes, she has been successful under The Hague Convention in obtaining the return of children abducted to international locations or wrongfully retained in the United States.

“I pride myself on being as much of a coach as an advocate for my clients. The psychology of divorce, with all its attendant hot buttons, leads many to waste their lives and money just on blind principle. My job is to take my client down this rocky road as securely as possible. Family law must focus on family.”

Georgia Fraser, Esq., Fraser Family Law Office, LLC, 300 Carnegie Center, Suite 150, Princeton. gfraser@fraserfamilylawoffice.com. 609-223-2099.

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