Love is a

four letter word,

and like a vagrant

roams through

the streets,


with no meaning or


Ricocheting from dark

corners, muttering

among the fragrance

of flowers,

nestled under

the boughs of


It masquerades in

exotic perfumes and

soft sheets as

something it is not.

It dances through the

written word in

never ending chapters

of passionate verse.

There is no definition

that makes it understood

to someone who has

never felt it.

There is a


with the years,

with the sun

with the night.

It is the mother’s womb

which warms a new

beating heart.

The first touch, the

first kiss.

The indelible mark

on another soul.

It is the look

and touch

that caresses

with the urgency of

unspoken longing

and slowly changes to

comfort and contentment

without the hunger that

once obscured all else.

It is a paradox

of contradictions.

You cannot see it

but it is present.

You cannot hear it

but it has a

language heard

by all.

It is tasteless but

there is a taste

that lingers.

It is timeless and will

forever lay on the skin.

Beyond age,

beyond the bond

of flesh

and beyond

the grave.

Valunas is a retired nurse from RWJ Hospital. She is a current member of the Bridgewater Writing group. She is a recipient of the Middlesex County College Tri-state Writers award and has had the honor of being published twice in U.S. 1. She is a New Jersey native living in Monroe with her husband, Joseph.

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