With the rapid growth and successful sale of his digital marketing agency, Rosetta, Chris Kuenne experienced a meteoric business success that would cause most entrepreneurs to pinch themselves to ask if it was all real.

Kuenne may have done that, but he also took a more analytic approach and asked what elements were critical to that success and could they also apply to other companies seeking similar growth. Kuenne, now a professor of high-tech entrepreneurship at his alma mater, Princeton University (Class of 1985), and founder of Rosemark Capital Group, a private equity firm at 90 Nassau Street, will shares those growth attributes at a CEO forum of the New Jersey Technology Council Wednesday, May 7, from 8 to 10:30 a.m. at Morgan Lewis, 502 Carnegie Center. No charge for NJTC members; $35 for non-members. To register visit the website: www.njtc.org.

Kuenne’s cornerstones of companies that grow exponentially:

1.) They are focused on a material, economic problem

2.) Their platform is preemptive, proprietary, pivotal, and scalable

3.) They have a carefully crafted brand, culture, and talent management approach that supports the mission

4.) They track and focus on a rigorously defined set of value-creating metrics to guide and reward management

Kuenne’s analysis centered on high-growth companies in the IP-centered and technology-enabled sector. But some of his “secret sauce” will be valuable to any up-and-coming business. As he told U.S. 1’s Barbara Fox in an October 16, 2013, cover story:

“We’re entrepreneurs, and we want to serve other like-minded entrepreneurs who are seeking to combine intellectual property with technology to drive significant value. It helps that our ethos includes an obsession for problem solving, the highest ethics, and the drive for impact. We want to make a difference to those companies, their employees, and the communities in which they work.”

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