I hid my PC beneath my car,

So I wouldn’t have to lug it so far,

When I went back to fetch my key,

That I had left upon a settee,

What happened next I failed to foresee.

Back at my auto in the lot,

I had but only a single thought,

To leave as quickly as I could,

For getting home felt really good.

My old PC was left behind,

Left for someone else to find,

Eventually I looked for it,

Not finding it gave me a fit.

Recovered later by a stranger,

Who rescued it from certain danger,

Alas it never was the same,

For tires had run across its frame,

And left its memory impaired,

As mine had been when I left it there.

Huggins is a retired electrical engineer. After graduating from Yale, he came to Princeton to work at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.

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